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What is the Deal With ParleyFollow

#1 Oct 17 2010 at 7:15 PM Rating: Good
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I'm waiting on the ps3 release, but I noticed the mentioning of the game parley. Is this actually being frequently played? Can you only use it in very specific situations? Can you play it with other PC's? Whats the deal with it?
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You get parley from the Rank15 storyline quest and there is an NPC in town that you can play the game with. Because im weak when it comes to story I looked ahead at a video that shows the Rank 30 mission. Apparently you are given that ability and the NPC in town to practice with because you must Parley with beastmen in the Rank 30 mission. So are people playing for fun... I doubt it. Im now Rank 19 nearly 20 and I havent touched it. But I will practice a few times before I reach Rank 30 mission.

Here is the link to the vid

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