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Why I am enjoying this gameFollow

#52 Oct 20 2010 at 1:34 AM Rating: Good
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Developers try to put so much work into their second installment and only a few of them made it through. When Everquest first came out.. I literally enjoyed playing it. What is EQ2 anyways? The main mistake that FFXIV made is that... they didn't listen to the people that actually -loved- FFXI but instead, listen to the people that -dislike- FFXI. Also, not only that, it all went a little weird when they started looking at other MMOs and decided to implement some of the features in FFXIV.

Just listen to what the developers are saying here: You'll understand why FFXIV came out the way it is now.

I have some likes and dislike but I'm staying with this game because I believe it'll get better in the future.
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#53 Oct 20 2010 at 2:05 AM Rating: Decent
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I already love the game and when the problems get fixed I will love it more.

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#54 Oct 21 2010 at 3:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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Here is teh list of positives for FFXIV:

Graphics: With the settings cranked up this game is absolutely beautiful. I spend most of my game time just being over-awed by the textures and shadows. Water effects, character models, every peice of equipment shows up when equipped, (And every ingredient in each recipe is represented in each peice), environments are lovely and often have the perfect musical score to compliment them.

Sound: Have you played the game with 7.1 surround sound? Stomping Galka to the right. Lalafell running through a puddle behind me. Favorite so far is the Coerthas music. Spells have some serious bass undertones.

Leve system: Love it. This is exactly what you would expect at this point in MMO history. Get quest, kill mobs, teleport back to start new quest. No walking back. Mini-map with quest targets and arrows for off-screen objectives. Adjustable difficulty (soon to be adjustable during the Leve).

The Armoury System: Everyone can have Cure, cool. This whole system is working out so far even better than I expected. The combinations I've seen are all viable, at least at low levels. Macro from a Solo to Party setup in one click. Gives a very good reason to level other Classes!

Crafting: Actually entertaining (for a while anyway, beats the crud out of FFXI). Encourages working together with other crafters unlike anything I've seen before. The minigame maybe repetative after awhile, yet you just don't get to be a high level crafter without putting in your time. I can't recall every seeing crafter specific Abilities before. A nice twist that you can mix and match them.

Unique looking mobs: Have you ever gone into first person veiw and filled your screen with a Coblyn? 50" of HD coblyn is quite amusing. How often do you see in LS chat someone exclaim "Morbol <Found it!>" I hope there is more where that comes from as far as awesome monster models.

Party System: Hmm, I'll have to get back to you on that.

That said, if SE makes good on the list of improvements as promised, FFXIV may still earn a spot as a top MMO. There is much to be done. I'm curious how they expect to hold over their more casual fan-base from the time the extended free trial period ends and the December version update hits.

In reality, I think their best bet is to just extend the free trial period until 1 week after that update hits. And then ask politely if both players and game reviewers will give FFXIV another shot. It seems as if that update is the true release of the intended FFXIV.

#55 Oct 22 2010 at 2:21 AM Rating: Decent
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FFXI required 44k exp at lv 75 DC gives 50-75+ you could hit 85 in a month or less if you hardcore grinded from release day even if the EXP was a bit less for DC and EP back then. Solo a WHM give me a break when did a WHM ever have to solo ROFL dont make me pee myself people...

I had 3 Jobs to 70 withen the first 3 months of FFXI and 75 shortly after on 5 Jobs

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#56 Oct 22 2010 at 2:23 AM Rating: Decent
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this whole topic is about wanting to grind to end fast as possible.. enjoy the game... do you want this game to be dead in less than a year?
#57 Oct 22 2010 at 2:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Glitterhands wrote:
I have had a few friends return to the game lately and they have gone from the 40's to the high 60s in a couple of months by doing FoV and killing EP-DC mobs in between which is what you do in 14, and no they werent solo jobs either.

FFXI has a leaves type system with far less restrictions in place and you get buffs from signet to aid in killing lower mobs. You can solo and make daily progress in FFXI without sitting around just lfg, FFXIV is no better than FFXI in that regard.
Yeah, right. Fields of Valor was on a time restriction, gave lousy experience points and only suited the few classes actually capable of soloing. Try soloing as a low level WHM (good luck using Banish as an attack spell!) or SMN (No Light Staff means no perma-carby!). Anything that had an MP pool required constant resting to regain it unless you kept a ton of ethers (which don't stack). The melee jobs were the only ones who could about tolerate it, and even then it had to be EP or DC mobs for most of them unless you were a tank job or a RNG killing worms. Oh, and lest we forget that FoV was only available in certain zones and was hardly the most time-effective means of gaining XP either.

At any rate, the leves system offers large experience gains for less monsters, easier targets (for the most part), and gives you gil rewards as a bonus. Each combat class is capable of holding their own against the majority of enemies in the game (thus far). It's very much tailored to more casual players who have less time on their hands, as opposed to FFXI's grind-a-day method of reaching higher levels.

I'm sure as the updates roll in there will be plenty of content to cater to the more hardcore fanatics as well.

Edited, Oct 19th 2010 12:22pm by Glitterhands

This post made me laugh a bit. Because we all know that FoV was on 36 hour cool-down right?

FFXIV has its pluses and so does FFXI, but FoV was quite nice all around, party or solo, without some 36 hour restriction. It only had a one hour restriction and made the game quite fun solo or in a group.

These posts are fun to read =)
#58 Oct 22 2010 at 3:25 AM Rating: Good
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HEYyyy, A positive post.
You don't get to see many of those around these parts. ;)
I'm glad you are having an enjoyable time Lilith and I even see a few others aswell.

I have to personally agree with the OP on this one. I also started XI at NA release. That game was not solo friendly in the least. It may be now, but thats after what? nearly a decade of patches and being reworked?

I enjoy myself playing XIV. I don't consider myself a casual gamer in the least tho neither do I consider myself a hardcore gamer. I'm just a gamer. Always have been. I play when I have the time to which somedays can range from not very much at all and other days I can play for hours after hours on end. ;) I also have my moments of pure frustration aswell like, when I need to buy something...... XD

The game isn't great, but it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be day in and day out either. Maybe I enojoy myself more because I'm not making the game a mad dash foot race to the cap and rather just kick back n play? I don't know. It has quite a fair share of issues I surely can not deny, but it's not like they (S/E) aren't working on them. I can look past them for the time being, but S/E does need to get those patches into the game as soon as they can.

You are all still playing the game right? If it was really as bad as everyone here makes it out to be, you'd have all left by now I would think. Something is obviously still keeping you around. Tho, that could just be the free trial period and extension ;) but why continue to play and complain about a game if you dislike the it so much? When I buy a game and don't like it, I stop playing it. It's pretty easy to do actually. Done so numerous times.

It's nice to come home from a long night at work, throw on a movie, grab a few drinks =P and play XIV for couple of hours. I'm just waiting on the rest of my friends and old LS mates to jump on which wont be until around the PS3 release. In the end, Im glad there are people that are enjoying their time in XIV. It's nice to hear someones positive experiences about the game on the forum for once. I wont deny that I've made my share of posts on here in frustration/anger about aspects of the game/ and or S/E in general lol but in the end, I am still enjoying myself.

Edited, Oct 22nd 2010 5:43am by Faaeng
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#59 Oct 22 2010 at 6:15 AM Rating: Decent
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The game is horrible in its current state, but its the only next generation MMO that is still based off of the Everquest pace of gameplay.

Meaning, the pace of auto attack, the pace of spell casting, the pace of movement. All this contributes to an overall feel of how the game is played.
Some people are a fan of this pace of gameplay, others like Lineage, Korean MMO pace more.

World of warcraft falls into the Lineage pace. Simply because Lineage was its predecessor, but the button spamming behavior makes the 2 games play similarly.

I myself am a fan of the pace in Everquest, FFXI, and FFXIV. Its not easy to find such a MMO these days that still makes things tastefully slow.
Hopefully they will fix up the game in the places where its broken at the moment.

#60 Oct 22 2010 at 9:51 PM Rating: Good
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I'm sorry. I'm trying to just let it go but there is some abundant ignorance in this thread.

You can compare XIV to XI (2010) if you want, but it isn't an accurate portrayal of the XI experience (unless you joined in 2008) nor is it a good comparison of two similar titles at the time of their launch - or even at the time of their NA launch.

I spent many minutes/hours wondering (in XI) what the JP must have done for the year+ they had access to XI because I was there when the level cap increased. (I was level 20 so it didn't influence me, but I remember it). I was there when "Sky" opened and when Kirin was implemented. I was there when Dynamis started. It was still a year (give or take) before I got to experience those things, but the JP had been around a year longer than me - doing nothing but leveling and crafting, I guess.

The original experience it took to hit 75 (from 74) was closer to 65,000 if I recall. Basically the experience I took to get from 70 to 75 was equivalent of getting from 63 to 75 in the current game model.

The original experience you got from Easy Prey and Decent Challenge was also increased at least once while I was playing.

The access of a "solo" play through of FFXI was a gradual process - and you are still ONLY talking about leveling to the cap. You certainly weren't going to solo your way through Chain of Promathia - though perhaps you can do that now without the level cap restrictions. XI was solo unfriendly until VERY recently. The general overview of the game was very "party" dependent. To argue otherwise is simply ridiculous.

Just because you leached 65 levels in a Summon Burn and another 15-20 in Abysea (both concepts being conceived in the last 90% of the games life) doesn't make the game easy or accessible.

There's no Anima; Outpost warping is nothing like Camp teleports; grabbing 1-3 of your friends (of any level, of any job combination - provided someone can heal) is not the same as spending 1-6 hours trying to build a party of a specific six members just so 20 minutes after you get to camp someone can say "Sorry guys my wife's face exploded. Gotta log. Bye."

This game (XIV) might not be a solo'ers paradise but if you're comparing it to the standard impression of a long term XI experience (before 2008) it's pretty **** sweet. Yes, the game steps it up around Rank 20, but if you're not in a ridicu-rush to hit the level cap, there's nothing stopping you from doing 100% of your leves to gain all that experience over time.

I just feel like some more accurate comparisons should be drawn. FFXIV is a lot more casual than XI. Just take walking to Jeuno (at any level under 20) compared to the walk from LL to Gridania. Everything is much more accessible.
#61 Oct 23 2010 at 9:05 AM Rating: Default
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Thank you for the input! I am shocked to see people still posting. I am happy though, because we all see the downfalls of 14 as of now. However they are working to fix it. I just want there to be something good out there for others to see. Not just the glass is half empty, but the glass is half full. To me, 14 has a lot of potential. And as somoene who played XI for 2 years before '08 and two years aftger '08 (played on and off for 4 years), to me, IMO, it's just a breath of fresh air just being able to spend quality time gaming with my husband and ONLY my husband and no one else :)

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#62 Oct 25 2010 at 7:54 AM Rating: Decent
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FFXI has a leaves type system with far less restrictions in place and you get buffs from signet to aid in killing lower mobs. You can solo and make daily progress in FFXI without sitting around just lfg, FFXIV is no better than FFXI in that regard.

It's fairly clear you have a certain opinion which precludes any other opinions from existing. Now, having played FFXI from NA release until recently, I have no idea at all where you're coming up with this notion that FFXI was solo friendly. Field of Valor was not released until well into the downward spiral that game took; and it was a very poor attempt to add solo/small group content. I can't recall a single day of game play where anyone praised FoV as a fabulous replacement, or even a complement, to the nauseating task of sitting in a poorly textured forest zone outside of Whitegate for hours, upon hours, of hitting mosquito's until you saw 100%.

FFXIV is far from perfect, very far. It has performance issues, it has lag issues, it has lockout timers that make no sense at all; but in all that - I don't really care. I prefer sitting down for a play session and being able to immerse myself in the game world - go anywhere, do anything. I enjoy the fact that I get to run around this world on my schedule; do a few quests, level to get to the next mission CS, talk with friends in LS, yet never having the feeling that I should be focusing on my min/max to hopefully one day be lucky enough to accumulate enough points on someones spreadsheet so that I may roll on a pixelated item.

For me, the last sentence summed up FFXI; for you, maybe it was different. For me, FFXIV is a quick breath of somewhat less semi-stale air; maybe it's intolerable for you. They're two games made by the exact same people, this can be both good and bad. SE has never been known as a company to learn from its mistakes, in fact it's known as a company that continually makes the same mistakes over and over and over again. It's really a miracle they're still in business when you think about it. FFXIV is barely one month old, SE knows there's problems with it - that's why we were all given an additional free month. If, after two free months of game play, you find yourself not liking it - unsubscribe, uninstall, get some hdd space back and carry on with your life.

Far too many people waste far too much time sitting on forums defending their right to spam their opinion as fact and argue for the sake of arguing. Get over yourself, you're not as entertaining as you think you are. Play the game and enjoy it, or save yourself the hassle and play something else you enjoy.
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