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I'm in Limsa Lominsa and my question is if there is a way to Travel to Gridania(teleport doesn't work).
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Take the boat at the port in west LL, and then follow the road when you get off, it goes straight there.
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Go to the lower deck, then go to the ferry dock (west of the town, passed the market area), then take the boat to the desert. Get out of the dock and follow the road and run east, you'll first pass by Ul'dah (you may as well get the teleport points there too), then continue follow the road to north east then you'll get to the forest. Finally follow the road to all the way north and you'll get to Gridania.
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Like other said above.

The entire course is a big U

Once you are off the ferry at Vesper Bay

Open Map by pressing M

then use JKIL to move the map. Just follow the road and head West and the north. You will see the symbol of a big phoenix at the far far end of it. That is to your destination. The map in FF14 is remarkably good.
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Thx to all
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