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Requesting clarification on LevelsFollow

#1 Oct 19 2010 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi all,
Ok I'm a little fuzzy on how Physical Levels and Class Ranks are used in determing where I should be.
Currently I'm in Gridania and I'm a Rank 13 Archer and my Physical level is 19. I found that I was receiving very few skill points during my levequests at camp Emerald Moss, which is rated as rank 10. Then when I hit rank 13, camp Tranquil opened up which is for rank 20.
I tried camp Tranquil but every mob in the levequests (except for the marmots) can kill me in a couple hits.

So I'm confused. Where should I be? What should I do? lol
A friend told me that if my physical level is higher than my class rank, my stats get capped at my class rank.

So if anyone more experienced in this area can clear this up for I'd be greatly appreciated and will hand out rateups like candy lol (sorry, it's about all Alla will let me do)
#2 Oct 19 2010 at 10:10 PM Rating: Good
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You can grind some Faerie Funguars and occasional yellow galagos to level up your physical a bit. I did Gridania rank 20 quests with a rank 14 and physical 22 GLD alright. (somehow Gridania rank 20 quests are much easier than Ul'dah's and Limsa's, I wonder why...)

With respect to SP, I suggest you travel to other zones and grind dodos and puks.

Hope this helps.
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