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Has anyone had direct communication with a GM yet?Follow

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I'm curious if anyone has actually had a one-to-one conversation with a GM in this game yet? I know this was fairly common in FFXI, but a recent experience makes me wonder if this occurs in this game?

My husband correctly exited the game one night. The next day, he would immediately get the 3102 error code as soon as he selected his character to log in. Tried everything to no avail. I was able to log in on my PC and his, but unable to log in which his character on either PC, so it definitely was on SE's end. Contacted customer service. They said to have me contact a GM to tell them his character was stuck, even though his character wasn't technically visible to anyone. You'd think that a 21 hour lapse since his last logout would result in him being exited somehow from the game, but apparently not.

About 1/2 hour later, receive message from GM to call CS. Now, this message was noted by a flashing envelope icon in the upper left corner of my screen. When clicked on, it brought up the box that would be used for the Service Desk. So I replied that CS has told us to ask a GM to unstick him. Again, they replied to call CS. Called CS back, they said to contact GM again and request to be unstuck. Again, GM said to contact CS or the support web page. Replied again that we had already contacted CS and troubleshooted and that a GM was to unstick him. Again, message from GM to call CS. Called CS one more time (it's now 5 minutes until they close!) and they said to contact GM. As I'm about to reply once again to GM, he is finally able to log in. However, next morning, I received another reply from GM to contact CS for help.

I never was able to explain on a personal face-to-face encounter everything that was happening. Just received cut and pasted replies from a GM.

So has anyone actually seen or personally talked to a GM in this game?

I also find it incomprehensible that CS has no way to actually contacting a GM themselves, but, hey, it is Square.

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I've been getting the same error. But have not got in contact with CS yet. I hope i dont run into this problem =)

If you figure something out let me know

Please and thanks

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I've only gotten form letters as well, but then again, I was only reporting RMT activity. For a problem like yours which is considerably more serious, they really should contact you directly.

I'd like to note that I never had an issue with the GMs in FFXI. I had one rather nasty issue where someone started making alts to get around my blacklist to harass me. The GM was polite and understanding, and after talking with him I never had another problem.

I do wish that GMs were more involved with the community, though. I remember the early days of Everquest when they would show up here and there and talk with players, or would randomly have events like saving a baby dragon, or having a giant monster start killing everyone in sight that needed a dozen guilds to take down (and not always just setting it loose, mind you, sometimes the GM would take complete control and his shouting was hilarious).

GM interactivity like this helps on so many levels - it aids customer relations, with immersion, with breaking up the inevitable tedium that sets in with an MMO. Some may say that there are more pressing issues to address, but I say that it's never too early to hire a few GMs to interact with your paying audience.
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ive had a GM come help me when i got stuck on a rock near bloodshore, i think they might only be dealing with problems like this at the min.
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i got stuck ina tree outside gridania and a gm a came to assist, she looked bamf all dressed in her red judge gear

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blah. uploading wrong picture before was in a hurry to leave for work. uh here it is.


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This is a pic I found on a JP imageboard of GM jail, aka Sermons Room(I think):
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I bowed to a GM and he waved at me....

That was during the first week of play. Not sure what he was doing -- just outside of Bentbranch.
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I saw some guy run up on a dodo I was about to attack a week ago. He was in active mode but turned around facing away from the mob. I assumed he was buffing up before the fight so I stood back to watch him. He never actually engaged the dodo but stood like this for about a minute total. Just as I was typing asking him if he was going to attack it, he gained a rank in both Gladiator and then a second later in Sentinel. I hit enter and said my say..he just put his sword/shield away and ran off... I spent the next 5 minutes looking through the Help Desk stuff but could never figure out how to contact a GM to report this. How/where did you contact them?

Side note: DAAAAAAMN that GM armor looks badass! I hope I can get me something similar but green at some point.
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AshlarThePaladin wrote:
Side note: DAAAAAAMN that GM armor looks badass! I hope I can get me something similar but green at some point.

Pretty sure that general armor model is available to players in game. I believe it is the same armor model as the gladiator image in the official fan site kit.
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that pic so looks like the ffxi gm's and the place looks like morodian gaol(sp?) the ffxi gm jail... nice to see theyre making new textures and not reusing old models :eyeroll:

edit : o ya i never get responces other then random prewritten responces from gm's no actual conversations or help like ffxi

and idc what ppl say abt ffxi or try and say ffxi's gm's were the same. in ffxi gm's got things done you got to see ppl harrasing you dissapear thanks to mr gm same for bots ect without having to go to another website and fill out an essay marking all information such as hour minitue second millisecond it happened what you ate for breakfast and what george washington carvers aunt's birthday was

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AshlarThePaladin wrote:
I spent the next 5 minutes looking through the Help Desk stuff but could never figure out how to contact a GM to report this. How/where did you contact them?

Main Menu/Support Desk/Report: Harassment, Bad Names, RMT Solicitations, Stuck

This is the only choice that has a button for GM Call.

Well, as least they do actually have GM characters in this game. Would've been nice to have one appear to me to discuss the problem. I think it was just dumb random luck that he actually became unstuck as we were on our final call to CS before they closed for the day.
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