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#1 Oct 22 2010 at 2:00 AM Rating: Excellent
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Despite my harsh thrashings of this game in previous posts, I now feel that this game is worth it.

Let me start by saying I played XI for the first 2.5 years since US release Day 1 and loved every second of it. XI was hard and required actual good players and people who could multitask. I then played WoW and found that any 12 year olds ****** younger brother could play wow and even end game wasnt too hard as long as everyone payed attention and had a good internet connection. I quit both games but i only really regret quittting XI lol.

14 man you got beat up bad worse then a spiderman blow up bounce-up punching bag at a 5 year olds birthday party after a bad pinata event that left many small children traumatised.

I think the grind is a bit over the top but I think maybe went about it all wrong. Partying is the best way to Grind and it goes relativly quick if the group is solid and there are plenty of spots but you ahve to roam its not a sit and pull type of game. If your gear is broken bad stuff happens and you dont get good SP so your reliance on crafting and carrying reagents for gear is a bit weird and Hardcore. But then again everyone is ******** because tehre is no END GAME when the game is a month old noone is even level capped yet if they where they probably got banned in the first wave LoL?? Guess I didnt get the memo about the glitch till too late or i wouldnt still be 21 Conjurer 19 weaver 10 alch 9 lw 8 gs 8 bot 8 miner. Man is crafting insane but it actually challenges you to work hard at your craft. I have to admit that it is way more fun then WoW's crafting and AoC's was way worse then both.

The patches havnt even hit yet the game is still a bit beta ish but my LS doesnt ever seem to be lacking stuff to do. We have grind groups every other day and do leves to farm gil and crystals and Rep a subject that noone even mentioned could rep be considered content? well ther eare like 3+ factions and its time consuming to do but you feel like you did something when done. The people who play 14 are all fun so far we are all having fun. LS's that play together somehow have fun.

Keep on rocking and get that God **** item sort to me quick before i murder someone.

Cornyboob Funnyname Wutai Phys 50 Conj 49 Weaver 49 LW 34 Alch 28 Pug 22 Archer 20 Glad 19 Thaum 20 GS 11 Bot 9 Miner 8 Shield 44 Maur 3

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