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This was first meant as a reply to the thread of the same name, but got pretty long, so i thought it might justify a new post. (Admin Edit: It doesn't)

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its given the game more variety and individuality.

I do not understand how one could reach that conclusion. Please enlighten me.

The only thing that its done is that I need to vendor 80% of what I find and cannot immediately use else I run out of storage space, I have to wait 2-3 days before the stuff on my retainer sells, and I have to spend hours wading through random stuff I do not need before finding the item I am looking for in the Market Wards.

I fail to see how that is 'fun' and 'good', much less how it can be qualified as 'individual' and 'various', except in the "various individuals" junk quagmire I need to traverse before being able to find the item I am looking for.

What is fun about going through the wards, pressing tab and checking everyone's retainers for an hour? is even called "playing"?

I really hate naysayers who have some blind faith in WoW and say FFXIV cannot possible be a good game because its not as good as WoW at X-Y-Z...
But i also hate how some people just do the same thing, tables reversed and have this blind faith that everything SE does IS good, and actually try to convince themselves that EVERYTHING is for the better in the best of worlds...

Nothing is perfect.
I enjoy much of FFXIV, but not everything. And i will not try and convince myself that I am enjoying it because of the simple fact that it is different, or that i have some fanboy complex with SE.

I like the story, graphics, and the job-switch and the battles.

I dont like not being able to exchange items between characters on a same account.
But most of all it is resumed in what i can only describe as "i dont like being inefficient and/or wasting money/play-time/items"

I like exploring, hunting and gathering. Some parts of the system are dampening that fun, and might, in time, make me not enjoy it anymore...

I do not enjoy having to spend hours and hours in the UI putting the same stuff in the boxes and clicking craft... i usually end up watching TV while leveling crafting. Having to watch TV while you play a game because the game makes you bored is generally not a good sign. Playing shouldn't be a chore.

I enjoy going around killing monsters and leveling up. i dont enjoy that I would need to pay outrageous sums of money to get my items repaired to 75% (meaning they're gonna become yellow again in a few fights) since i realized the huge chore and money/time-sink getting all my relevant craft skills to 20+ (in order to be able to repair everything myself) would be.

I do not enjoy the alternative option of putting my stuff in a bazaar then NOT PLAYING for a few hours hoping people will have repaired it. If im gonna be playing i want to be playing!

I enjoy leves and exploring. i even really like the gathering system. Its a shame that i gather about 10 times as fast as I can sell on my retainer, so am forced to just vendor most of the items. i do not enjoy this waste of potential revenue and potential help to crafters who might need that item. Inefficient. Such a waste.

If you dont like it. then go play WoW or FFXI for the rest of your life.
I like the game being more life like and putting everyone on the same level.
I like that no auction house makes people work harder.
I made a really good friend because i bought something out of her bazaar.

The "if you dont like X then go away" argument is not a constructive argument. It stifles reason and intelligent discussion. It actually prevents evolution and progress.

Mot of the bazaar buying will take place on retainers. So the point about making friends is, though touching, not really applicable.

Also, the game is presently so much MORE a pain than even real life.
let me explain.
I want to make an omelet in real life, I go to the supermarket and buy stuff and make my omelet.
The end.
Thats real life. People are smart and invented specialized hardware stores where they sell ONLY hardware, and supermarkets that specialize in foods and household items. Its not rocket science. People have been doing it for ages.

However, only having ONE retainer, with a 10-item limit when you need to sell stuff from 5-6 categories... makes this hard to do in FFXIV.

Presently, in the game, I need to go to 100 different stores that might or might not have what I need and, if I am lucky, after an hour, I perhaps find all the 7 ingredients I need at maybe reasonable prices, and am finally able to make my *$&% omelet.

No auction house doesn't make people work harder as much as is makes doing any kind of complex crafting a chore and huge time-sink.

Now consider that to make any kind of complex item, I need stuff from 4-5 different crafts spread over 30 skill levels. I usually craft in order to be self-sufficient, but with how it works now, that is not possible.

Having a mail system, bigger storage and, especially, an AH, would make this game alot more fun for me. I wouldnt need to vendor all the items i gathered. Crafters would have more crafting items. It would be easier for everyone to get what they need.

For RMT and people abusing the game, SE just needs to be a bit better at finding and handling the cheaters. There used to be a big problem with chinese gold farmers in WoW, and blizzard was able to put measures in place to limit and prevent abuses of the system. If Blizzard did it, I dont see why SE would not be able to.

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so many I's as me
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Yes, totally worth pulling that troll thead out of the gutters once again.
What's next? Discussion on male mithras - the revival?
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