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#1 Oct 24 2010 at 10:40 AM Rating: Good
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Of course I am asking this because I have a mac. But in order to run FFXIV I need to have windows, so I have been considering a few options. I want something that isn't too expensive. So let me list a few systems I was looking at, and feel free to suggest some. Also tell me wether you approve of the ones listed.

Virtual Machine


#2 Oct 24 2010 at 10:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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I would suggest boot camp. The problem with all three options you just listed is that they will have you running both operating systems at the same time, which will hog up memory. Plus, graphics drivers in VMs can sometimes not be as robust as one might like.

Dual boot Windows so that you're running it by itself. Also, depending on your Mac, you will probably have to turn the settings down to get it to run.

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I will consider it, but how much GB can Boot Camp store?
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Bootcamp doesn't store GB. It allows you to boot into a different operating system. The size would be determine by your hard drive setup. You also need to have a copy of Windows to run Windows.
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Bootvamp partitions your harddrive. Splitting it up into more then 1 partition (section) so you can run multiple operating systems on your machine with their own dedicated hdd space.
This would be your best option aside from getting a whole new machine.

I have 60Gigs pardoned for Windows just for XIV. The rest is for my main Linux OS.

You choose for yourselfthe sizes in which you wish to split up your drive from your drive space.

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