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Alchemy fails off the hook Follow

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atsalaz wrote:
Fairly confident that guild support will only help when synthesizing something that require training (especially if you don't have it) and facility. It certainly does not virtually raises your rank. Case in point, I was making buffalo leather dye (a 29-30 recipe) at 25. My success rate is pretty much the same with or without the master support.

No it doesn't help with training, you need Training Book for training. I can complete 2 out of 7 stat rings, with 5 bothers on 100% progress 0 durability, but I can't get past 60% on 6 attempts of Dark Silver Circlet, they both require minimum rank 30 Goldsmith to even attempt. The difference is, I have Inlaying Training and not Gemcutting Training, both used Master Facility.

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TwistedOwl wrote:
The Glorious SkinwalkerAsura wrote:
Khornette wrote:
Olorinus the Vile wrote:
Aurelius wrote:

To be completely honest, I've wondered that myself. The thought occurred to me that maybe it's for the HQ gear that everyone is saying takes a "higher" craft skill to repair. (I don't think it takes higher, I just think it has a higher chance to fail, much like a recipe that recommends Common facilities has a higher chance to fail than a recipe of the same rank that doesn't have that recommendation.) And the reason I bring up that as an alternative purpose is not to say it proves or disproves anything. It's just that as long as my results suggest very strongly that the facility support makes no difference unless it's recommended by a recipe and there are rational alternative uses for things like support from the repair NPC, imma stick to my guns about the benefits of facility support until proven otherwise by hard numbers.

It does take higher to repair. The game wouldn't even allow me to attempt to repair the +1 willow wand I made at rank 15 Carp. "You decide to wait until you have a higher skill to attempt this..."

It let me do NQ willow wands though.

That is true, I couldn't repair Ash Macuahuitl +1 at r18 when I made it (it won't let me), but at r23 I can. The thing is, I forgot to try support to see if it let me repair it before r23, that may answer the question.

I couldn't repair a plumed bronze pickaxe +2 @ 14 but my friend could at 16. IIRC I could synth the pickaxe @ Weaver 11 so maybe it's a +5 ranks from synth to repair an HQ version.

The Akua Aumoe is intimidated by the Leeloo brand Plumed Bronze Pickaxe+2's presence...

And the Measha brand Dodoskin Culottes +1 apparently Smiley: tongue
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