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Warhammer at release had better PVE than this game doesFollow

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So I'm back playing Warhammer online. Balance and server stability has greatly improved since release. Badlands server seems to be going strong.

One thing that struck me while playing is that the game had better PVE at release than FFXIV, and Warhammer is about as pure a PVP MMORPG as you're ever going to find. But back then, it's PVE was mocked (by me included).

I'm not sure if the bar has been lowered or something but it's amazing to me that people on this board seem to think that FFXIV's PVE, in a purely PVE game, is acceptable, or at the very least fun.

I understand if you haven't played up to like level 13 or so, but after that it seems like it would be hard to miss how little variety or fun there is in PVE in this game.

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I don't think very many people think FFXIV's content is currently "acceptable." Did you even read this forum before making your post? Even the people enjoying the game mostly think it's woefully incomplete, and a recent poll showed that a whopping half of the respondents (people already into the game enough be on this forum in the first place) were not planning to continue paying after the free period.

But, just because YOU'RE not having fun doesn't mean other people aren't. Even in its "paid beta" condition, FFXIV does a lot of things right. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the things that do work, and holding on for improvements to everything else. People have already bought the game, after all -- there's no reason not to get from it what they can.

People who have given up seem to always be trying to justify that decision with the rest of the community, like they can't be happy leaving unless everyone else feels the same way. No one is blaming anyone for leaving if they weren't having fun -- there's no need to come back and justify the decision.

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#3HalAutumnal, Posted: Oct 26 2010 at 11:21 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I am having fun- in Warhammer.
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oh ok, thx
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