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Why im not re-subscribingFollow

#1 Oct 26 2010 at 7:17 PM Rating: Sub-Default
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I know there's been a thread like this before but meh im leaving so I dont care. I played FFXI a bit and I was majorly excited about FFXIV after watching the trailers seeing the classes ect but when it came out OMG I was dissapointed!!

Before ranting I want to say what I like about the game - the crafting system, I love the fact that you can make everything you will need, the armoury system, the classes, these things are great that's why im so bummed that the game makes me so disgusted.

I can accept the small things like the UI, the lag ect its a new game, it will improve. So I played waiting patiently for these to get updated but during my playing I began to detest FFXIV, not because of the small things but because of the things that they wont change/get rid of like the wards (I know the search is coming but that aint gonna stop people filling the wards full of s**t) and the leve system - I can understand what they are doing with the limit of 8 per 36 hours but the actual leves themselves, kill X insects, make X hats, collect X ore its just SO dull and repetitive, go to the same spots and kill the same enemies for a week at least before you can move to another camp and do the same. SE thought they were being really clever and innovative introducing a new quest system but they FAIL!! When your not doing battle leves if your want to level your disciple of war/magic class you get in a party (if your lucky) and grind dodo's. They've made the game so that its one big grind, I don't know about you guys but I find grinding seriously boring. I want NPCs and dialog for my quests, its lets you get into the game, I want to be gripped by a quest and feel like I am accomplishing something not killing some jellyfish 100 times.

The game is not fun, ive not done one fun thing in it, it just feels like your enduring it while you level so that you can have fun later, you shouldn't have to endure a game it should be fun the whole way through with a feeling like you accomplishing something other than gaining levels (very slowly). Can anyone mention fun things they've done?? I bet you have to think pretty hard if you can think of anything. WAKE UP SE LOOK AT THE POPULATION DECREASE AND TRY MAYBE MAKING THE GAME FUN!!

Also has anyone else noticed that this game is like a f***ing safari slaughter? Nearly every enemy ive fought has just been a type of animal with a slight change, its final FANTASY where are the fantasy creatures? I know there skellies when you get to 40ish but I don't want to get to 40 before you fight something interesting.

Whats up with the hate? I played a Gladiator and I would pull with provoke and taunt then start phalanxing but a couple of good consecutive attacks from an archer would draw the enemy.

I noticed tonight while being bored that there was only 900ish people online as oppose to the 3k at launch seems like im not alone in feeling that this game just is not fun.

Anyway i've had my rant now. Goodbye FFXIV community id say its been good but it just hasn't, ill just be dissapointedly waiting for Diablo 3 to be released :(.

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