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#1 Oct 27 2010 at 7:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok I know the battle system is the probably at the bottom of SE's list of things to improve on right now.. But does anyone find it kind of frustrating or dumb when your character kind of gets choppy in your using of abilities, attacking, or using weapon skills? I mean i can understand if your stacking skills really fast your char could be overwhelmed and skip animation. But I feel when you continually glitch around and don't fully execute your motion or the light effect that goes with it.. the battle system starts to look a little dumb. Its almost like SE wasn't prepared on how fast your character would be moving or how much people would be spamming the attack button. I don't know maybe I'm being petty but one of things that attracted me to FFXI was seeing all the various light effects, Colors and Char animation.. I loved how it looked. FFXIV has the motions and animation there but its not really fluid enough to make it look smooth in battle and don't forget visually stimulating.
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which is why I believe FFXIV should at least, have an option.. to utilize your PC processor instead of your GPU. OR.. set a slider so that part of the CPU can be used to boost your game play.
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