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I believe there to be a general misunderstanding of Square Enix's product Final Fantasy XIV by the hurry up and lvl players.

Allow me to suggest that Final Fantasy XIV is a CRAFTERS GAME(no kidding right). XIV obviously rewards the player for crafting in every way possible. You want to fight or do some gathering? Sure you can do that, the game has that stuff built in too. The beauty of the game isnt just in the art design though. It's also in the economy which I've best heard described as it's own ecosystem.

I play with 6-7 friends from my guild. A couple of them prefer to just 'kill stuff' and do a little gathering. A few others are into leveling up one or two DoH classes and kill mobs to replenish their shard/crystal supply. They're free to play and enjoy the game however they will. Contemporary mmo's have conditioned them to expect the type of game enviroment conducive to this mentality. My concern is that their enjoyment of the game may end prematurely and not due to known issues such as ui lag or lack of chocobo or AH gripes. It seems more likely that player frustration is caused by not fully taking advantage of all DoH/DoL classes.

SE blatently promotes crafting to the DoM/DoW players with secondary DoL classes. Thats why they're called battleCRAFT and fieldCRAFT leves. Every item looted, gathered, equipped, or consumed should pass through a crafters hands. I say should because there are boneheads selling basic mats to npc's that could be processed for **** good xp due to full inventories. I'm not saying sell 25 stacks of sheepskin leather vamps on your retainer or bazaar. By all means sell them to the npc unless you have the means to build you some 2,475 Sheepskin Workboots (Beige). Clear some space in your inventory and get xp for doing it.

I'm amused by friends in a rush to lvl just a few classes. They always want to know what you can build them or why you can kill the dodo easier at equal rank. Dude my physical lvl is higher than yours learn to craft the mats in your inv, it's worth xp, xp is good for your stats. They find it convenient to have crappy broken slops repaired in the field. I remember the npc in the adventurer's guild was saying, 'blah blah blah even a weaver is useful in battle". I get it now.

Some complain that there's a lack of content in the game whereas I see it everywhere including my inventory. Has anyone completed the storyline quest on any server? Have people out leveled all their leve's? Have all the crazy mobs I saw in empty Mor Dhona been killed and tapped of loots? Even a simple pill bug has a it's uses. It's all content.

OK whatever. Don't craft, play how you like.
Just don't cry that your inventory is full of fish or certain shards aren't selling in your bazaar. There's a culinarian/goldsmith/armorer/alchemist out there that probably wants them all. If it aint you, you're missing out. I'll take the fish rrrgh whateva but at the moment my inventory is full of xp.
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Zedanko wrote:
Thats why they're called battleCRAFT and fieldCRAFT leves.

I mean, really?
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#3Zedanko, Posted: Oct 28 2010 at 6:12 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Not really
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I dont think anyone ever debated that the best way to raise physical level was crafting.
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You never go full ******.

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