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Avoiding monsters special attacksFollow

#1 Oct 29 2010 at 12:00 AM Rating: Decent
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How do you go about not getting hit by certain monsters special attacks.

I ask this because Impish Incantations instantly wipes me with 80 in Vit (which seems capped @ my level as i dont get hp for putting in more points). I dont know if its lag, but my health is gone before they rise into the air making avoiding it seem impossible.

instead of a "help me i suck" thread I wanted it to be helpful to others too so heres my contribution.

When fighting puks dont spam attacks and weapon skills or backflip will MURDER you. They do it often but give you plenty of warning before hand. If you watch them, soon as they start glowing circle around behind them and you are 100% safe. Not only that but you have plenty of time to heal or assault them from the rear (pun intended).
#2 Oct 29 2010 at 12:16 AM Rating: Good
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i believe II is counted as magic damage, so MND would be the stat to lessen the damage you take against it.

as for avoiding it, i havent had any luck. its an aoe spell, so unless you can somehow get behind them or else break their line of sight youll get hit by it. i have, however, had some decent luck using a weapon skill right about the time i see them try to use II. my theory is that the WS hits and causes an interruption-like effect, or at least increases the chances that the spell will fail.
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#3 Oct 29 2010 at 1:11 AM Rating: Decent
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I did a little testing on that beastly spell.
Shell did nothing to mitigate damage.
Im a mage WIth 75 or 80 (i forget) mnd.
The LNC with me took less damage than me but he is 5 levels higher.

What i've noticed through watching is this. During Impish Incantations the critter rises up into the air and summons a ball, the ball then appears above the target and floats down to them. How to avoid it if you are the target, i dont know.

If you are away from the target of the skill then you wont get hit, but if you are close to the target you will, even if you are behind the imp-like critter.
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You can run out of its range. When you see the Imp start blinking white its going to cast Impish incantations. Disengage and run away.

I do not know if its physical based or magical based. But I have seen protect and Shell do some amazing things against other spells and attacks. Shell can cut the ladybug AOE down by 2/3rds and Protect almost halves Black efts normal attacks.
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#5 Oct 29 2010 at 4:29 AM Rating: Good
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I'm not sure about this, just a theory.

But using some Teir II Weaponskills, such as Concussive Blow II on certain mobs, can incapacitate them. I beleive this can stop them using certain skills. So maybe this could stop them using Incantations?

I have managed to incapacitate a few imps in lvl 20 leve quests. And they havent used Incantations. But this could just be coincedence and they dont last that long anyway.
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