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#1 Oct 29 2010 at 6:11 AM Rating: Excellent
So there are a lot of us out there who have been suffering this annoying discomfort debuff, which features a blue icon with a sword on it and says "Recently equipped gear causes discomfort, diminishing its properties."

OK, after a little more than a week of dealing with this discomfort debuff, I have finally found the solution. I saw it described in bits and pieces on another site and thought I would give the exact fix here.

This is exactly what I did:

1.) I initiated combat with a Rank 1 enemy (that way I wouldn't have to worry about taking a ton of damage while doing this).

2.) While still in combat, I went into passive mode and unequipped all of my gear except my Rank 1 Undergarments and a Rank 1 Weapon.

3.) While naked, I defeated the enemy.

4.) I initiated combat with a second ememy.

5.) While in combat with the second enemy, I went into passive mode and re-equipped all my gear.

6.) Once all gear is re-equipped I defeated the enemy.

At the end of the second battle, the debuff disappeared! I told this to a LS member who was having the same problem and this solution worked for him too! :D

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