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#1 Oct 29 2010 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
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A while back, I finally settled on what classes I wanted to level. Lancer as a main, fishing and botany, and woodworking, culinarian, and alchemist. I felt like the two gethering skills supplemented the three crafting skills, and that this was something that a semi-casual player such as myself would be able to handle.

Well, now that I've started to get to the point where some of those classes are are higher and some are lower, I've come to a realization: In the current state of the game, it is almost necessary to keep any and all classes I am leveling within 5 levels of each other. Inventory management is so effed that trying to manage gear for different levels is nigh impossible.

So my new system is to raise everything in unison, using self-imposed caps. Everything has to hit level 10 before I'll take one further. Once one hits 15, the rest have to catch up. This way I don't have to try and juggle different sets of gear and, more importantly, worry about switching classes only to have on an item that is too high level and damage it without thinking. Seems stupid to have my nice level 15 leggings suffer damage just because my level 8 botanist is wearing them.

Anyone else finding the same thing?

FFXIV: Lancer, Fisher, Culinarian
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the flip side to that, is that if you're willing to pay for gear/repairs (which is easy enough selling crystals). You can level your 1 class to 50, see all the story stuff, then have no reason to level anything else (yet).

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