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Abilities & Guild Marks to PursueFollow

#1 Oct 30 2010 at 4:19 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been careful as to not take a DoW/M to 10 without a plan, considering it changes what you're working with on R20 leves. I'm trying to make sense of it all, so I guess I'll just spill a stream of consciousness here and see what others are thinking.

Punishing Barbs at 10 Thaumaturge seems to be the first significant 10+ ability - and as a DoW, I know the attribute conversions from a mage such as Mind -> Dexterity or Intelligence -> Strength will likely eventually be the standard for DoW. I've also heard good things about Firm Conviction. So, THM seems to be a logical choice to take to 10+ first. How about outside of that?

Feint at 20 Lancer appears to be a no-brainer.. Being able to use it after missing or having an attack evaded, I'd imagine, will be relied upon all the time. However, should we bother with Lancer guild marks? Can you get Speed Surge on classes outside of Lancer if you increase your Lancer affinity via Pikemanship?

And as far as increasing affinity goes, I'd imagine that would be valuable for things like Second Wind (Pugilist) and Bloodbath (Marauder)? There are a couple more to go for, then. Also for Pugilist, Prime Conditioning from guild marks looks like it could be great.

So there we have.. THM, LNC, PUG, and MRD. That leaves Archer, Conjurer, and Gladiator afterwards. Not that they don't have useful things to pursue - for instance I'm sure I'll eventually want Quickstride, Cure II, Cover, etc, but one has to prioritize.

Am I being logical with all of this? Am I missing or overvaluing something? I'm interested in what others are considering, and apologies to the DoM out there as I know this was from a DoW perspective.

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