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MY Beginner Notes (Attributes, Gear, Etc.)Follow

#1 Oct 30 2010 at 7:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Not a guide, mind you. Things that I learned from other people:

Physical or Mental:
Don't kill them too quick (reduce damage)
Pump VIT if phys; pump MND if mage
keep gear optimal

Now, here's the rub. I did above but I find:

1) Accessories
Don't care about accessories. Maybe these will be good later, but right now for me they cost money to repair and they don't really do sh*t for me. Be minimalist about gear that you need to repair and get gear under you. In the beginning, it doesn't really matter too much so don't get sh*t you don't need. RATHER THAN SPEND MONEY ON GETTING ACCESSORIES, KEEP NECESSARY GEAR FIXED FOR OPTIMAL SKILL POINTS.

2) Attributes/Mob Selection
A majority of ppl trying to debunk attributes having effect and a bunch of people simply pumping VIT for phys or MND & VIT for mage. It's true; a lot of what they say is VERY VERY valid, BUT I kind of focused on their extremist points too much and didn't focus on being able to kill a mob. Just reduce dmg to get as many hits as possible, and pump survival to max. It is a good tactic BUT i find myself more often than not still grinding on weak mobs rather than being able to kill higher mobs that will give better skill ups. I think there is a fine line between keeping your dmg down and challenging yourself. I think FFXIV wants you to ENGAGE your enemy rather than just kill as much as you possibly can. Keep your dmg low enough that you don't pwn it in a couple hits and your vitality high enough that you can withstand a beating from it and i think you will find a good balance. Survival goes so far but to a degree pull out more than just Spirit Dart and Light Slash, just so you can take a higher mob.

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