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#52 Nov 02 2010 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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RufuSwho wrote:
I am trying to enjoy playing FFXIV, a game that I enjoy.

No need to keep trying, I think you're already there!
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#53 Nov 02 2010 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
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burtonsnow wrote:
Aurelius wrote:
You find that kind of thing in every forum. The issue here isn't about stomping out all negativity. It's about restoring some semblance of balance and order. For a period of time and even now (though to a lesser extent) these boards were all about one braindead numpty after another starting their own thread to trash on the game despite countless other threads on the front page whining about the exact same things. And where it started to really cross the line, imo, is when said braindead numpties started karma bombing people in totally different threads just because they had the audacity to comment about something they enjoyed. You don't see that kind of behavior in any other game forum I've spent time on anywhere in the ZAM network. It just doesn't happen.

Balance and order was achieved by SE, not moderators. This forum was filled with hope and praises before slowly lost steam as complaints about the beta were brought to light...When release came with all the bugs people complained, new and old posters alike. Most voiced their opinion in a thread and were never seen from here again...they took your advice and left because the game had nothing to offer for them. That is the only balance you see now. guys aren't the least bit afraid to abandon all logic in order to defend your perceived entitlement to *****, are you?

SE has no direct influence over these forums. The admins here do. And when people who have come here to discuss what they like about the game or what they enjoy while at the same time what they're hoping for and they get **** on by all the whiny lil monkeys prancing around, it needs to be addressed. If ya'll hadn't been so rabid about it to the point of rating down and old posters alike...for simply commenting about an aspect of the game that they have decided they can live with for now, I'd probably still call ya'll a bunch of whiny ******* but I wouldn't necessarily expect the admins to step up and do anything about it. Those who crossed the line from voicing their negative opinions to trying to stifle the opinions of those who were just pointing out a less negative point of view are at the root of the problem, and smart money is not on trying to defend that particular brand of *********

Stop rationalizing. Stop coming up with stupid excuses. Make a contribution that doesn't involve rehashing the same tired old crap in the wrong **** forum or get on with your life. Anything less and you make yourself out to be a twit.
#54 Nov 02 2010 at 8:32 PM Rating: Good
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lol If the admins locked all the topics there would be no forum on ZAM to use.

#55 Nov 02 2010 at 9:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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RufuSwho wrote:
I am trying to enjoy playing FFXIV, a game that I enjoy.

Good for you. You should enjoy a game that you pay for. How Zam is not allowing you to enjoy your game is a bit beyond me, though.

Logging into ZAM is like stepping into a battlefield. Saying something positive about the game is a good way to get blasted.

Welcome to the internet. Stay away from **** sites, they tend to have bad bugs. Google will allow you to look up just about anything. Wikipedia is an excellent source for information. Again, welcome to the internet.

You want a reasonable discussion? You first have to scan through a minefield of negativity.

SE released an incomplete game and had broken any number of promises. Of course there is negativity. There OUGHT to be negativity. If I bought a car and it only had 3 wheels and half a muffler, you BET I'd be negative about it. Especially after the dealer said it was the latest and greatest thing EVER.

[quote]So FFXIV isn't what you wanted. Tough cookies.

Oh, I see. I'm not supposed to express my opinion because you don't like it. Hate to break it to you, but that isn't how things work (except maybe in North Korea, China, and various other places where dictators rule. Tough cookies.

[quote]I care about your complaints as much as you care that I'm leaving.

If you didn't care, you'd have left without starting this thread. Personally? I think you ought to stick around. IF FFXIV ever gets where people expect it to be, the negativity will die off. Or, you could avoid the obviously negative topics and ignore the obviously negative posts. Exercise your right to avoid it all. Or you can up and leave if its easier. That's your right too.

Take a look at the FFXI board. Its got negative threads and any number of negative posts. This is they way things work on the internet. Don't like something? Rate it down.
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