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Gear "Favors" vs. Gear StatsFollow

#1 Oct 30 2010 at 6:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Forgive me if this has been described, but I did a search for it with no results as well as viewed for several pages. My question pertains to the section on any piece of gear that indicates it "favors" certain classes. Now whereas that's clear enough (I'm assuming that it's optimal for said classes), what's not as clear is if the secondary statistics on the bottom of the information screen only pertain to those specific classes or if all classes receive those benefits. I've been told that the secondary stats can only be received by those meeting the "optimal rank" portion of the gear, but I've not heard anything on if the "Favors" portion affects receipt of such. Does anyone have information on this, or has there been any testing done as of yet? Or, is this another thing that has yet to be proven definitevely one way or the other? The premise for the question stems from wanting to get the best combination of control+craftsmanship+mag.craftsmanship for my CRP, but if the items that have the highest secondary stats don't even affect my CRP they are obviously moot. Thanks in advance.
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it works but its in % like ffxi so higher the level move your gonna notice it. and they never give you a big boost. other games give you integer so it more OP.
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