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The free 30 days?Follow

#1 Oct 31 2010 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
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So I went ahead and bought the FF XIV Collector's Edition out of impulse, I just turned 17, I'm loaded with a moderately acceptable amount of cash, but it turns out my computer doesn't really play FF XIV well. Upgrading to the best card would be like, $300.00. So I've decided to buy it for the PS3, which is for me, the better choice. I bought my PS3 primarily for the two Final Fantasy XIII's. I pre-ordered FF XIII Versus in the summer of 09, and I hear they just started working on the game. So my PS3 doesn't see all too much action.

Now, I'm aware that you get a free 30 days if you buy the PS3 version as well. However, I've already made my account the day I received the Collector's Edition.

And since it's the same game, I think it's safe to assume I can still use that account and receive the in-game items (the helmet and the Asuran armguard) right?

And though it's probably unlikely unless I make a new account, I won't be able to use the free 30 days I get for the PS3 if I choose to use the account I made for the PC version?

So does that mean it comes down to free 30 days, or 2 in game items?
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