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Months, their elements, and the gods conflictsFollow

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There is something about the gods and the the months that they represent, and their elements. It conflicts with what the books in the Arcanist Guild in Limsa Lominsa says about each month.

According to the character creation screen:

Month 01: Azeyma, Fire
Month 02: Nophica, Earth
Month 03: Thaliak, Water
Month 04: Llymlaen, Wind
Month 05: Halone, Ice
Month 06: Bygerot, Thunder
Month 07: Nald'thal, Fire
Month 08: Althyk, Earth
Month 09: Nymeia, Water
Month 10: Oschon, Wind
Month 11: Menphina, Ice
Month 12: Rhalgr, Thunder

However, according to the books found on the counter of the Arcanists Guild in Limsa Lominsa:

Month 01: Ice, Astral (Light)
Month 02: Ice, Umbral (Dark)
Month 03: Water, Astral (Light)
Month 04: Water, Umbral (Dark)
Month 05: Wind, Astral (Light)
Month 06: Wind, Umbral (Dark)
Month 07: Thunder, Astral (Light)
Month 08: Thunder, Umbral (Dark)
Month 09: Fire, Astral (Light)
Month 10: Fire, Umbral (Dark)
Month 11: Earth, Astral (Light)
Month 12: Earth, Umbral (Dark)

So what am I missing?
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right now the god are null, so we wont be getting anything from them yet.
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