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The Theory of Quality vs. AppraisalFollow

#1 Nov 02 2010 at 2:02 PM Rating: Excellent
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Taken from my blog post:

As I simultaneously took down notes while dabbling in synthesis at the same time - a painstaking process no doubt - I came to observe that there seems to be some correlation between the quality of my successful crafts and the appraisal of an item (which should rightfully be the case) and that appraisals are bestowed at a constant rate. To prove my point, here are two examples:

Momodi's Cheap Chausses - Hempen Chausses (Brown)
I did not do pretty well here, having failed 2 synths out of 5, but really, it was nothing to be ashamed of for any rookie who does not know what to expect initially. With the successful 3 synths, these were the results:

1) Quality: 41   Appraisal: 8 
2) Quality: 47   Appraisal: 9 
3) Quality: 72   Appraisal: 14

What's interesting about this is, it would seem, that Ludovraint would offer me 1 appraisal point for every 5 quality points I get. I got 8 appraisal points for getting 41 quality points (in the range of 40-44); 9 appraisal points for getting 47 quality points (in the range of 45 - 49); 14 appraisal points for getting 72 quality points (in the range of 70 - 74). And the math adds up nicely!

Busier than the Blades - Hempen Shirt
With this other leve, I only had 4 chances to get the items right, which thankfully I managed to do so with more ease and experience now. And these were what I recorded:

1) Quality: 45    Appraisal: 11 
2) Quality: 83    Appraisal: 20 
3) Quality: 109   Appraisal: 27 
4) Quality: 89    Appraisal: 22

Now, one could say that Aistrach is more the miser than Ludovraint in this case, for he offered me only 1 appraisal point for every 4 points in the quality of my garments. So it is, that he gave me 11 appraisal points for 45 quality points (falling in the range of 44 - 47); 20 appraisal points for 83 quality points (falling in the range of 80 - 83); 22 appraisal points for 89 quality points (falling in the range of 88 - 91); and 27 appraisal points for 109 quality points (falling in the range of 108 - 111).

I could draw 2 conclusions from this:
1) That Aistrach is truly the bigger miser of the two; or
2) That Hempen Shirts are easier to weave as compared to brown Hempen Chausses, hence the cheaper appraisals.
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You seem to have put a good bit of thought in to this, which is definitely commendable.

Still, it's a lot more simpler than that, and has less to do with the specific NPC or the item being made, and more to do with how many attempts you are given, as well as factoring in the end quality regardless of the item being made.

Simply, take 100 and divide it by the amount of attempts you are given for a craftleve. If you have 4, the answer is 25. 5 attempts? The answer is 20. 6 attempts? Somewhere around 17 when rounded to the nearest whole number.

Do you see how you got appraisals of 22 and 27 with those two hempen shirt synths of 89 and 109 quality respectively, during a craftleve that gave you 4 attempts? That is because if you hit an even 100, you would have gotten 25 appraisal points. What if you got 100 quality on all 4 shirts? 25 x 4 = 100.

What you want to aim for with any craftleve synth is 100 quality or better. That is the magic number to get 1/4th of 100, or 1/5th, or 1/6th ... and so on.

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Ah, now that explains. So it isn't that the NPC was being a miser after all! (But that was really written just for humor.)

This also explains why, from some data I collected much earlier before this character, that I would be getting appraisal points for every 7 quality points, because I was given 7 tries for that leve. And I didn't see it until now! Great observation there. Thank you! :)
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Nice thread. Did you record the durability remaining at the end of the synths, too? I haven't payed close enough attention, but I seem to remember getting difference performance scores with the same quality on the same item. It would make sense to me if "performance" was a function of both quality and durability, with quality more heavily weighted.
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Yes I did, it's just that I haven't got round to figuring out how the numbers may be related.

But with this new piece of information regarding appraisal points, I ought to go back to look at the numbers, so that I can share these findings soon. :)
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I have not noticed durability having any effect on the appraisal, but I have not looked too carefully.

Also, on a somewhat related note, at an appraisal of 100 (possibly 101) you get extra rewards from the NPC, and quite substantial at that. But I once got an appraisal of over 200+ and did not get yet more rewards (that is 200+ = 100+). Has anyone seen a "+2" reward yet?
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It's hard to know what a +2 result might be. I've gotten antelope horns (which I just sold for 20K each) as a bonus to an LL GS quest. That's pretty decent lagniappe.
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Quality of item divided by number of attemps = appraisal per item.

Trick for higher score: replace some of your own +1/2/3 items with those given by the NPC.

I've had scores over 250 on just the NPC items given (rank 1 quest) but have yet to get any thing beyond the first "extra" item for a tier. BTW there are multiple tiers per quest. They start with an average of needing 2 of an item then 3, 4 & 5.

Now I know there is a pattern to the "extra" item recieved but havent been able to decifer it completely. I know for Copper ingots (I'm a GSM) I get copper squares, and Brass ingots I get Brass squares, but oddly on some of the quests I've gotten coral & horns. No idea where those came from.
#9 Nov 02 2010 at 2:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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Indeed, it seems that when you hit more than a total of 100 appraisal points, you will get other bonuses from the NPC. As I recorded from an earlier time, from 3 separate attempts at Chalk on Ice, I have managed to obtain these results:

Appraisal: 110
Leve Rewards: 4x Latex, 6x Beehive Chips, 10x Wind Shards, 368 gil

Appraisal: 127
Leve Rewards: 4x Latex, 6x Beehive Chips, 10x Wind Shards, 276 gil

Appraisal: 134
Leve Rewards: 4x Latex, 6x Beehive Chips, 10x Fire Shards, 308 gil

Notice the anomaly with regards to the amount of gil obtained, since it does not necessarily follow that the higher your appraisal the more you would get? Also, the bonus 6x Beehive Chips seems a constant, so I would think that for each leve and tier there are set bonuses one can obtain. Another point worth questioning is the change from wind shards to fire shards. Either the elemental day/time has something to do with this, or that there is a set rotation of crystals obtained for varying appraisal points. I only blame myself for not having the wit to note down the day/time I did these synths.

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