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#1 Nov 02 2010 at 3:16 PM Rating: Decent
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I play an elezen on Fabul. In my experience with Synthesis it seems that I have little to no trouble when it comes to crafting for weaving and leatherworker. Lots of times when it says I need a buff I can ignore it and still finish a synth 9 out of 10 times. The same goes for botany, it seems that its easier for me to harvest and log than it is for me to mine and quarry. However when it comes to Blacksmith and Armorer if it says I need the buff then I had better get it, even though it seems I still fail regularly. However my cousin who plays on Fabul is a Midlander and can go to Thanalan and spend a few hours mining and get 12+ pieces of zinc ore and has no trouble making things as an Armorer. I spend two hours mining in Thanalan and wont see a single piece of zinc. My mining is at 15, i use a Plumed pickaxe and have Earthen Favor equiped. Is this one of those things that SE has decided to let us find out for our own? Does anyone else see a difference with what race they are and gathering/synthesis?
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Sounds like this could be related to your STR/DEX
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I would like to think that could be it, but dex and str are both 50+. R11 tools for armorer and blacksmith, but r7 for leathworker. armorer and blacksmith are r11 and leatherworker is r13. thats why i was leaning towards race bonuses. otherwise your choice in races is aesthetic only.
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