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FFXIV initial shipment revealed + some minor infoFollow

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Since SE released its Q2 earnings ( , it's possible to take a look at the initial shipment for FFXIV (keep in mind, the period ends at 30th September, so it's impossible to have clear data for now):

Major Titles Released in the Six-Month Period Ended September 30, 2010
■ “DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: Joker 2” 1.28 million units (JPN)
■ “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days” 1.12 million units (JPN: 0.02, NA: 0.39, EU: 0.71)
■ “FINAL FANTASY XIV” 0.63 million units (JPN: 0.19, NA: 0.21, EU: 0.23)
■ “JUST CAUSE 2” 0.56 million units (JPN: 0.05, NA: 0.26, EU: 0.25)
* 0.92 million units sold in NA and EU in FYE March 2010, 1.48 million units in total
■ “KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep” 0.51 million units (JPN:0.01, NA: 0.31, EU: 0.19)
* 0.76 million units sold in Japan and Asia in FYE March 2010, 1.27 million units in total

Evenly split between EU,US, NA. There's no shipment estimate or sale estimate, so it's impossible to say if they were expecting it due to the delay of the PS3 version or not.

Also notice that as "key milestone" for March 2011 "becoming network centric" is one of the goals, and as subcategory, FFXIV launch is mentioned.

Other interesting tidibits:

Entered into a strategic partnership with Shanda partnership with Shanda Games in online gaming area
As a first step, the exclusive license of FINAL FANTASY® XIV in mainland China will be licensed to Shanda Games


II. Progress Updates: Becoming “Network Centric”

- FFXIV (PC) Launched in Japan, North America and Europe

Current status and announced plans

- PC version – free trial period for 60 days (those joining on or before Oct 25 awarded 60 days free trial)
- Business development in China through partnership with Shanda Games
- Version updates in November and December
- Release of PS3 version in March 2011

The title lineup says XIV PS3 is due for "Early March".

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I don't know about the other overseas US Military bases, but mine barely got XIV on the shelves this week. I'm going to guess alot of other stores didn't have stock either... I was told that it wasn't a stocking priority because they overstocked on XIII and felt burned. However, that's heresay as we all know employees don't have the ear of the corporate desk jockeys.
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■ “FINAL FANTASY XIV” 0.63 million units (JPN: 0.19, NA: 0.21, EU: 0.23)

So, not taking exchange rates and such into account that's 630,000 X $50 (lets just pretend there's no CE for simplicity sake and use the extra $25 from that to account for the difference between wholesale and retail prices). $31.5 million is a pretty **** good reason to release your game on the final day of your fiscal year end instead of waiting for what the devs called "polishing". Executive's shoes work just fine before they get polished don't ya know.
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