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SE'S Next Big MistakeFollow

#52 Nov 06 2010 at 10:12 PM Rating: Good
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Sadly, the only people defending this ### game are the SE / FF fans. Everyone else knows it was released way too early.

In my opinion anyone who pays past the free trial period, is only telling SE and other game developers "go ahead, release a crappy game, we'll still pay for it".
#53 Nov 06 2010 at 10:50 PM Rating: Good
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ShadowedgeFFXI wrote:
Restyoneck wrote:
I'm sticking around regardless of the subscription being charged or not.
I've said many times when complaining about the shortcomings of this game that I wanted very much for it to succeed.
If I pull my sub, I'm addding to the chance SE will look at the sub numbers and decide it's not worth it.
I gotta put my money where my mouth is, at least until the end of the year, or else I'd feel I was just being a big ole whiner. Make no mistake though, if these november and december updates leave us feeling like they are still not getting it, I'm out. I don't just mean the obvious things either, like search functions, chat, UI issues, crafting streamlining, better optmization for the PC (the ONLY crowd that's playing atm)- but the old SE suspects will be on my radar as well. If I see just as many things broken, or ninja'ed from these updates, it'll be just as detrimental to my opinion as any overlooked content.
Oh and if I'm still playing FFXIV Track and Field come December, that'll be a big ole red x on teh scorecard as well.
I've had quite enough of spending 1/2 my playtime running from town to town to camp and back again, and feeling like it's Christmas when I have more than 10 anima.

I just want to say that I'm judging you. I think that while you're entitled to your opinion, what if you quit following these holiday patches that aren't enough to fix the game in your eyes? Yet Joe standing next to you patiently waits and S-E miraculously fixes everything 3 months later. I think it's evident that anyone who has quit already believed that SE should of had their game more polished and ready to go. If you and a few friends are holding out on a miracle that not only does SE fix the game, but that enough people return to play a game that is supposed to be "future proofed". I realize you probably fall into the category of giving SE the benefit of the doubt and that's fine by me. I'm just very skeptical that SE can bring back the quitters or the people who swore a=off the game upon receiving the bad reviews. I'll tell you straight up, the game isn't worth the $50 dollar price tag. I don't care if SE fixes 99% of the issues. A game that's this "damaged" by word of mouth is going to have to fight the stigma by other players. My solution is to have S-E offer it free including a month of playtime if they honestly expect people to play this game in the future. Honestly, I have very low expectations for the PS3 launch now.

My prediction is for FFXIV to be dead by June 2011. By dead, I mean less paying customers than FFXI. I don't think any amount of patches can save this mess of a game. The game engine alone is terribly boring and mundane. It almost reeks of FF Mystic Quest all over again.

Judging me for what?
I was stating how I personally will react to a free or not free november subscription. I in no way meant that's how anyone else should feel or react. I ran my mouth off a few times on these boards about things I didn't like about the game, AND that I was willing to see if SE hits the target with these updates. I can't very well do anything different without being a big ole hypocrite. That's me.
I'm sure not everyone said or felt those same things, and I totally get why anyone and everyone wouldn't want to pay for November as only half the updates will be ready, and not until the END of the month. Trust me, I feel like I have egg on my face for shelling out the money for new equipment to play XIV on, and for pre-ordering the CE so I could see the game was incomplete 8 days before some people. I feel like a sucker to be honest, but I'm willing to give my investment a chance, and to do that I have to support it at least until I see the level of competence in these next two updates.

"Don't take it personally man, white knights would eat a can of **** if the label said SE on it. If anyone dared mention that it was not a good product, they'd just argue if someone can't appreciate the subtle nuances in the ****, they should just go back to eating lolrealfood, cuz the devs prolly know more about canning food than they do."
#54 Nov 06 2010 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
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MaverickBG wrote:
They will not extend the trial period again. Its the tough time in all of our lives where we must make a choice.. you either stick around... or leave...

Believe it or not, this is just a game.. and if you don't want to play, you can just stop...

Wooosh, the entire point of the topic was just way above your head it seems. I agree with TC, its so ****** that the game was fated like this but how stupid are SE's marketing execs for pulling the trigger on a half finished game. I don't think anyone here, playing or that has quit the game would disagree with me that this game has plenty of potential but many wont wait around on a "hunch" that this game may get better in the future. I have no doubt in my mind that given time FFXIV will become amazing, just as awesome as FFXI was/is, but i do doubt how long they can prolong its life and if there's a big dip in subs after this month this game is pretty much doomed. I don't get what they were thinking releasing it to be honest - i mean I'm sure a WoW expansion wasn't the deciding factor in the success or failure of this game...I guess let this be a lesson learned. Personally, I have never disliked a SE title before FFXIV but I still cannot wait to get my hands on FF Versus XIII and whatever else they have cooking up for the future. Here's to wishing FFXIV the best, I hope to be back my December or at the latest March and enjoying this game with millions and millions and zillions and kazillions of people.
#55 Nov 06 2010 at 11:32 PM Rating: Excellent
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Heh, there's almost nothing they can do at this point to salvage this unmitigated disaster.

If they go for a free-to-play model, they lose out on a LOT of their revenue and basically admit that their game is garbage and not worthy of a subscription.

If they throw more free months, same thing.

If they adopt the standard subscription model, people won't pay for a beta-phase game.
#56 Nov 07 2010 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Nah, if they keep giving away free months, then lots of people who want to like this game will avoid canceling their subscriptions. Unless it goes on for far too long, people will continue to wait and see up until the point where they have to pay.

And if they do go subscription, they'll still retain some amount of players who are rabid SE/FF fans. It might be enough to keep the game afloat until it's in better shape.

I guess we'll see.
Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

Never confuse your inference as the listener for an implication of the speaker.

Good games are subjective like good food is subjective. You're not going to seriously tell me that there's not a psychological basis for why pizza is great and lutefisk is revolting. The thing about subjectivity is that, as subjects go, humans actually have a great deal in common.
#57 Nov 16 2010 at 11:19 AM Rating: Good
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mpjj wrote:
There is a lot of information being released about the financial situation that SE is in. Now I could be wrong about my prediction and fall flat on my face here but this is my prediction of SE's next big mistake.

I believe that because of their financial situation "someone" will MAKE them pull the trigger on the 30 day fee which is rapidly approaching for the CE owners.

I will gladly and thankfully eat my own words.

I was actually going to log on to the account management to make sure everything was cancelled today. Instead I gave the forums a quick look first and see the free trial extension extended yet again. I wasn't quite ready to give up on this game but couldn't justify paying for it; guess I can delay my decision another 30 days.
#58 Nov 16 2010 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Isn't it amazing how so much can change in so little time ? Thread started eleven days ago and now it's mute . Guess someone else will have to look in their " Cloudy " crystal ball.
#59 Nov 16 2010 at 12:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Wolfums wrote:
Wait until people have to start paying and realize how much of a PITA ClickandBuy or Crysta are.

Hells ya!! Click and Buy can die, cant use my credit card because of their screwed up system. Good thing there is crysta or Id be up the creek.

#60 Nov 16 2010 at 12:14 PM Rating: Good
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NomBrynn wrote:
Isn't it amazing how so much can change in so little time ? Thread started eleven days ago and now it's mute . Guess someone else will have to look in their " Cloudy " crystal ball.

Pet peeve: 'moot', not 'mute'.

But yeah, this is the point in the game's life where it's going to live or die and if it takes desperate measures to resuscitate it then so be it.

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