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How many have hit the cap?Follow

#1 Nov 06 2010 at 8:48 AM Rating: Good
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I apologize if this is an oft repeated thing but apparently I don't know the proper search terms because I haven't found anything if so.

I have a few questions about the level cap, not that I'm all that close but I am over half way in the physical rank department so I was curious. I have to assume that there are some obsessed people out there that can answer me, or at least some better informed people. :P

I was wondering if you still earn xp / sp after you hit the cap? I'm trying not to assume anything logical because of other issues in the game so please forgive what may seem like the obvious. I thoroughly enjoy crafting, even with all it's issues and I'm working on Carpentry, Alchemy, Culinarian, Weaver, Botany and Fishing. (My fiancee does the others) I also have Con/Thm. My physical level is 33 which far exceeds anything else because the exp is constant where the skill points are spread out. My highest crafting is 18 currently, though I have harvesting (Botany) at 19. My Con/Thm is 14/17 respectively. Whill I still be able to level my DoM/DoL/DoH classes with sp after i hit the physical cap? In some game hitting the cap means you stop earning xp at all and I was curious/worried if (intentional or not) all "level" earnings stop after you hit 50 in something.

Can anyone point to info on that? I know I'll hit 50 physical long before I'm even close on any of my classes so I was looking for information on this. Thanks =)
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I highly doubt hitting Physical 50 would cause your SP to come to a halt, especially because of the way the system is designed. Like you already said, all actions grant EXP so you'll hit the Physical cap long before the Rank cap. It would be an incredibly poor design flaw and a massive oversight (even by SE standards) to have SP stop when EXP stops.

I would guess you either stop gaining EXP all together or the exp you earn just flies off into a void (the way I recall FFXI handling it, but it's been years so maybe I'm misremembering) while SP progression continues like haphazard clockwork.
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I read about a person hitting 50 Physical level, and not long ago they posted a screen of them hitting 50 Armorsmith. Seems that once physical is capped it has no bearing on your skill gain.

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Whill I still be able to level my DoM/DoL/DoH classes with sp after i hit the physical cap?

Yes...I'm currently level 47 physical rank it only affects physical xp.If i go onto a lower level job i will gain sp as normal but i will not recieve physical xp.I know a few level 50 physical and they are still gaining sp so you don't hafta worry bout that.
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Just as a side note at rank 50. it says 0/110k sp but you can't gain that SP either so don't bother killing mobs after that <.<
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