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Stats are weird... VIT on Equipment != Vit Attributes?Follow

#1 Nov 06 2010 at 12:18 PM Rating: Good
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I think this may have been mentioned before, but looking at my lodestone profile after the last update made me curious again.

I spent some time reassigning points and put 1 point at a time in VIT until I quit getting more HP from it. I figured this would at least help me find the VIT cap so that I might be able to use that as a reference for where my STR cap might be.

At 17 MRD I stopped getting HP after 68. Going from 68 to 69 VIT gave me 0 HP. Simple math 4 times level is my VIT cap right now, so I want to see if that is true at Rank 18, will I get HP until 72 VIT?

Anyway, I then noticed that I have 68 (72) VIT on Lodestone due to the +4 from some gear I have on, so I figured maybe my cap is 72 right now, and if I take that gear off my HP should go down a little. However, it does not...

So I took off everything but my Axe and Underwear and reassigned again. This took Vit to 65 and HP to 1335 total. I equiped the two peices of gear with +VIT, Sheepskin Coluttes and Sheepskin Jerkin, both Rank 17 items (perfect for my current rank) and no HP gain. The VIT on the items also did not effect my DEF on my attribute sheet at all. I went from 7 to 44 when I put on the Coluttes, which is the 7 from undies + the 37 DEF on the pants. The VIT on the pants had no visible effect on Stat attribute sheet or max HP.

This makes me wonder if Stats on gear or on certain gear is broken? Or are all the benefits of Stats on gear suppose to be hidden from us and HP is only suppose to increase from assigning points as a side benefit? If so, this seems pretty convoluted way to program how stats work and a needless complexity that will only make it harder to determine how to equip yourself and which gear to chase at higher levels?

When does a Tank decide that +VIT rings are not worth as much as +ACC or +STR rings if you can see no benefits at all without parsing for hours?

What seems to happen so far:

Equip any items with + ACC, HP, MP, ATK, EVA stats on it and you will see this stats added to yourself on the Attributes page for your character.

Equip any items with DEX, STR, VIT, PIE, MND, or INT and you will see these added to your attributes page for the corresponding attribute, but you will not see any change at all to DEF, M. DEF, ATK, ACC, M.H. ACC, M. Potency, etc.

Assigning points to things like MND and VIT and you will see a noticeable increase in MP and HP until you hit your levels cap for those attributes. However, you will see no change on your attribute page to things like DEF or M. DEF, ATK, Etc. On top of this, adding additional VIT from equipment before or after the cap adds no HP which makes it very hard to know if it benefits your character at all without heavy testing. No comment on MND on gear, as I have none.

All in all, I think Stats are either majorly fubar'd or way to convoluted/complex.
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SE just released info on the stats.

I was shocked to see Crafting there but just wish SE released this ealier. Then on the other hand we can Re-assign :)

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#3 Nov 06 2010 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
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The whole stat system and equipment bonuses seem off to me. Something has gone amiss. SE needs to either remove the caps and let you character gain the strengths and weaknesses from the bonuses you assign. Or swith back to the FFXI formula and let stats scale as you level and when gear bonuses are applied it adds to you strength and you see the results, always, when fighting.

Because, as it is right now, we have to many stat points and bonus stat point and none of it means nothing because there is a cap. So SE is still controlling the results with makes no sense for molding and growing your character they way you want. Something needs to change for the other to work. My 2 cents.
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Lonix wrote:
SE just released info on the stats.

I was shocked to see Crafting there but just wish SE released this ealier. Then on the other hand we can Re-assign :)

That is my point though. If SE tells us stats like VIT increase HP in a post like that, but then we see that Equipment with VIT on it does not increase HP at all, then either SE is only telling 1/2 the truth or VIT on gear is broken.

SE Devs wrote:

Strength (STR)
# Increases damage dealt by physical attacks
# Increases damage prevented when blocking attacks with a shield

Vitality (VIT)
# Reduces damage taken from physical attacks
# Increases maximum HP But only if increasing VIT through attribute points??? not equipment?

Dexterity (DEX)
# Increases accuracy of physical attacks << But it shows no increase on ACC on Attributes page..
# Increases chances of evading physical attacks << But it shows no increase on EVA on Attributes page..
# Increases critical hit rate of physical attacks and resulting damage
# Increases parry rate for certain weapons

Intelligence (INT)
# Increases damage dealt by magic attacks

Mind (MND)
# Reduces damage taken from magic attacks << But it does not show increased magic DEF on attributes page?
# Increases maximum MP << But only MND from Attribute points, not equipment??

Piety (PIE)
# Reduces chances of your magic attacks being resisted << But PIE wont show a increase in Magic Potency or other Magic stats on your Attributes detail page?
# Increases your chance of resisting magic attacks of others

# Increases damage dealt by attacks of that element
# Reduces damage taken from attacks of the opposing element

Like I said, it is either really broken and SE is telling us how it is suppose to work and how it might work when it is fixed, or they only told us part of how stats are suppose to work. If they purposely left out some details in hopes of us finding out on our own, it is going to be mighty hard to do good testing given that Attribute stat increases do not appear to be the same as equipment stat increases. Someone will need to get something like 4 of +5 stat rings to test things half-way decently (and be optimum rank for them), then parse hours of controlled combat or crafting situations.
#5 Nov 06 2010 at 2:40 PM Rating: Good
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Leodesol wrote:

Like I said, it is either really broken and SE is telling us how it is suppose to work and how it might work when it is fixed, or they only told us part of how stats are suppose to work.

That's a safe bet.

#6 Nov 07 2010 at 12:41 AM Rating: Excellent
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As far as VIT and MND are concerned, increasing these stats from your Point Allotment screen will directly affect +HP and +MP respectively, but equipping gear with these stat bonuses will not do so. I don't think that VIT and MND on gear are broken, because you do have certain gear which offer both HP and VIT together, or MP and MND together. Gear-wise, VIT/MND are separate from HP/MP increases. So if one were to equip gear with only VIT/MND bonuses, these only add to the respective damage reduction.

Also, it would seem that HP/MP caps are not the same as VIT/MND caps. A test was done to further increase MND after MP capped, and overall heals have increased, which only shows that MND caps at a higher point than MP.

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