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Where is this leading to?Follow

#1 Nov 07 2010 at 11:32 PM Rating: Good
You can interpret this thread in different ways. Perhaps, basically, I need some help.

I have been playing for about a month now. I don’t play a lot, perhaps one hour everyday on average. I have tried different classes, from miner, carpenter, blacksmith, etc, to gladiator. I have traveled the land far and wide, from Limsa to Ul’dah and Gridania. I have been mauled by strange beasts in far away lands. So I think I am starting to get a sense of what the game is about. Or do I?

As of late, I have been asking myself where this is leading to. As my ranks are going up, nothing is really changing. I mostly run back and forth between Limsa Lominsa and camp Bearded Rock (soon it will be camp Skull Valley), or from Ul’dah to camp Black Brush when I feel tired of the seascape. I have calculated that if I kill about 14 more wharf rats I will attain the next level for my gladiator (10!). After that I can get started with puks, jellyfish, and dodos. In fact, everything is laid out in details in a thread posted by Azury Ariella (ZAM: Azurymber). (There are quite a few other guides as well.) I have made a fair number of friends in the game and am part of several linkshells. That’s actually really cool. Sometimes, I feel like chatting with my linkshells is the main point of this game.

In previous games I have played, there is some kind of progression. The places change. It feels like each new quest brings something new.

What am I missing here? Is the game leading somewhere or will I simply reach gladiator rank 20 after killing 100 dodos outside of Skull Valley? Is there an underlying plot I am not seeing?
#2 Nov 07 2010 at 11:37 PM Rating: Excellent
Right now you're essentially grinding to complete your starting cities story line every 5 ranks or so, beyond that there's really only leves and crafting to do. This is pretty much expected this early in an MMO's life as there are other issues to iron out before fully releasing some kind of actual content. Once these next big patches come out (end of nov., early dec.), we can probably assume new content will start arriving. This is provided that SE can make these bigger patches correct the majority of the issues currently present.

Other thing we need to keep in mind, SE is probably focusing on getting the PS3 version released on schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a ton until then.

#3 Nov 07 2010 at 11:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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In reference to your last question ... yeah, there is an underlying plot. In fact, it's actually quite a good plot. I greatly enjoyed the amount of depth and information I received at level 20 concerning the overarching story, and can't wait to get to level 26 for the next part.

Having said that, however, the developers horribly screwed the pacing up when you consider the pace at which people play the game and level. Not only that, but without any sort of quests (not leves, I'm talking tangible quests given to you by people around the towns), you are effectively left ... well, aimless. And roaming about, just doing guildleves as if they were more chore than anything, and hoping the SP bonuses from them help you get higher in rank faster.

Something you should also consider if you don't mind a bit of travel, and this is what I do. I start at one of the cities, and work my way from there to the other two cities, picking up the maximum alotted guild and craft leves along the way. In the process I at least get to see more than just the same people in the same one or two spots as a result, get more opportunities to level up, as well as a wider variety of rewards to choose from and leves to pick from. Then you simply teleport back to where you began, rinse and repeat.

It's a little sterile, I admit, but it at least lets you partake in all the city-state regions every 36 hours.
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#4 Nov 07 2010 at 11:57 PM Rating: Good
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We're definitely going to find out where everything leads to in the next several weeks...
#5 Nov 07 2010 at 11:58 PM Rating: Good
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Although I like the idea behind the leve system it would have been nice for SE to have had a quest system that took you on a trip to other locales through questing in a linear and eventually branching fashion.

By level 20 you've seen all of the cities and been to lots of aetheryte, but really those are just dead outposts.

Grinding leves and teleporting from city to city takes the magic out of seeing those cities.

In FFXI I didn't see Windurst until after level 20. I was housed out of Bastok and I think at that time saw San'Doria only once.

And I've said this before too but in FFXI even though there weren't tons of quests, there were still a lot of varied areas around. There were the rocky areas in Gustaberg, then you could go to Dangruf wadi, then off to Konschtat Highlands. This was all around level 10. Then the dunes. Then of course you'd make the run to Jeuno around level 20 and head over to Qufim.

FFXI felt like it had a varied progression, and maybe in time when more content is added FFXIV will too. But so far it hasn't felt that way at all.
#6 Nov 08 2010 at 12:01 AM Rating: Good
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Honestly, there are times I really can enjoy this game.... then there are downsides. the game feels like a huge chore and for SE to tell me that I can do whatever I want is simply out of the question, I feel like I have to craft and gather items and make sure I am always repairing my gear. Yipee, I think 20 percent of the game is in combat and so far the combat is weak regardless.

I personally think that this game lost the "magic" that FFXI had when you first started playing the game, the towns felt alive, the fields were fresh with monsters that were region specific depending on where you started and there was always a feel for adventure. this game feels like there is nothing worth exploring. My friends and I were so excited to play this game and all of them have either already quit or dont play as much. It's not just me and I'm not complaining about stupid things like wanting an airship, artifact gear, or mounts but rather I want something that feels like I'm progressing.
#7 Nov 08 2010 at 12:16 AM Rating: Good
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Personally, I find that the story is the only thing that I'm missing out on at all in this game, but what's expected to get to the story is such an insufferable drudge, I can't bring myself to do it. The cutscenes will turn up online sooner or later anyway.
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