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Weekend Summary 07/11Follow

#1 Nov 07 2010 at 11:47 PM Rating: Good
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It's that time again to say goodbye to another weekend, and that means it's time to post about how you did on your goals!

I wrote:
I'm trying not to get too ambitious this weekend. I want to bump up my Alchemy a bit towards being able to make buffalo leather dyes. I also want to bump up my leatherworking so I can make buffalo leather <.<

And if there's time, I'd like to make a new axe for my marauder and push him towards rank 14.

Leather 20 -> 22 before I ran out of dodo skin. Also managed about a rank and a half to alchemy before I ran out of interest for this weekend :P Did some regional miner to 23. I was hoping that would be enough to unlock rank 30 mining leves out of Camp Horizon...NOPE!!

I did find the leather I needed to make a Bronze Labrys, however. So I made three. Sold two of them for 11k each. Covered the cost of the leather for all three with a bit of extra gil for kicks, and the opportunistic ****** who bought both of them probably turned around and resold them for 50k each, but meh. Last thing I need right now is gil.

OH! And I went sight seeing! First time to Coerthas. Went and visited Camp Glory and Camp Dragonfart so that if all goes well with patches, on the day Ishgard is made available I can just port right on over. Then I went to the gates of Ishgard itself and lobbed a flaming paper bag full of karakul poo at the guards before I ran away screaming something about flaming Furies. It's cool though, because my highlander Hyur was in his lalafel costume at the time, so they'll have no idea it was me when I go back.


Your turn!
#2 Nov 08 2010 at 1:02 AM Rating: Good
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Just a preface, words of warning - this is a negative post. I don't mean it to be, I'm simply responding on how my XIV weekend finished just now. I usually try to keep my posts brief, but here I think it best that I really lay out in detail how things went.

Tonight I experianced my first exp party that originated from the "search" function. I was a nearly-25 Marauder, and saw a promising group on efts in TamTara. Upon talking to the leader, I tried to join the party. However, I got that message that I couldn't join, because they were engaged with a mob. Fine, I just teleport to Bentbranch and walk there to get an invite in person.

The party was nearly full (the max is 15), so getting them all to stop fighting to invite someone was a hassle. But finally, after awhile, I got in! That much had felt like some kind of triumph, because I only had a split-second window for it to work, before they started attacking the next eft.

So, I start the grind. I remember SE touting the strategy that this game would employ, but the only "strategy" involved was the Conjurer casting Shell on us, so we wouldn't quickly die to its TP move. What it ended up as, as expected, was 10 or 15 players playing by themselves, simply trying to manipulate the system to gain as many individual skill points as possible. It didn't seem gratifying to me to particupate in this; it felt like I was stuck in some weird mix of solo and party-based play at once.

Eventually it became apparent that my Spiked Bronze Labrys needed repairing, as both my accuracy & SP gains had diminished noticably. However, the party didn't seem to care much about gear damage, as they just kept soldiering on. I leveled Blacksmith specifically to help me repair, however.. Changing classes is a risky proposition. Switching to Blacksmith would require good timing between their mobs, and who knows when I'd be able to get back onto Marauder? So, I chose to just keep going without repairing. Considering that I in part invested the time to be able to repair "in the field" so to speak, I felt like again, the system had spurned me.

After a couple hours, the party had started to thin out, and as such the SP gains continued the downward trend. We still had 8-10 people, but that won't bring in the bonus that having 14-15 will. It became apparent to me that this game either wants you to play by yourself, or with a whole slew of people, to be most efficient at whatever you're doing. I think this is unfortunate, as things are very (arguably overly) hectic when you have the full 15.. Yet detached when you're solo. Duo, trio, even the old standard of 6 from XI appears to not have a place in the structure of this game.

Well, finally I'm not only tired of pressing A a kajillion times, I'm also just tired.. So I give some notice, and then I try to log off. Guess what? Yup, can't log off while your party is engaged. Oh, maybe it's as simple as disbanding? I go to disband, and get that message yet again. What a way to cap this first (..and perhaps last) party experiance. The party did stop for a second so I could log, but if they hadn't obliged, I could still be stuck there...

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#3 Nov 08 2010 at 1:05 AM Rating: Good
Aurelius wrote:
Camp Dragonfart


Farmed all weekend, now maybe I have enough mats to rank up again. Go go gadget SP!
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#4 Nov 08 2010 at 7:45 AM Rating: Excellent
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So far I've crafted up using a lot of materials just lying around, hit R15 Alchemist and R13 Blacksmith, but I want to try to get to R14 Blacksmith by the end of the weekend

I did manage to hit R14 Blacksmith, and got down to about 6k sp left to 15. Just have to finish delivering goods to the camps to complete the leves.
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#5 Nov 08 2010 at 7:48 AM Rating: Good
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I want to do
Pug from 26 to 27 Got to 29 so I did way better than expected
weaving from 19 to 20 ....did not touch it
leather working 19 to 20..... did not touch it
fishing 8 to 10 ....did not touch it
I did get gold smithing from 17-18

Im calling the weekend a success.

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#6 Nov 08 2010 at 8:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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Only got half of my goal done due to RL getting in the way, but 23-25 Blacksmithing isn't too bad. >_>
#7 Nov 08 2010 at 9:08 AM Rating: Good
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I like this idea...our guild usually tries to state their goals for a weekend as well and it helps me to focus on what I need to do.
I got leatherworker to 17
I got Blacksmith to 15
I almost have Carpentry to 16
Hit 22 archer this weekend to and did my first 2 Faction Leves

A lot of my guildmembers are crafting fiends and we're all going to be in our 20's pretty soon with all crafts covered.
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#8 Nov 08 2010 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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Managed Pugilist 38->40 without a hitch.
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#9 Nov 08 2010 at 11:00 AM Rating: Excellent
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I didn't have any goals going into this weekend, but I did make some good progress.

Got PGL from 20 > 22.
Unlocked a bunch of new aetheryte crystals/gates.
Found some nice new party grind spots for future use.
Got 5 stacks of hippogryph sinew for my leatherworker.

For that last one I had 2 LS grind parties on the Hippocerfs in Coerthas. They gave me all the sinew so I can make cord that I can then use to make them armor heh. Not complaining though since I can skill up off of them. It is an awful lot of sinew to go through though.

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#10 Nov 08 2010 at 11:12 AM Rating: Good
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I guess I messed up when I posted my results in the other thread :( No cookies for me.
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#11 Nov 08 2010 at 11:18 AM Rating: Good
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PerrinofSylph wrote:
I guess I messed up when I posted my results in the other thread :( No cookies for me.

Nope, you're fine. These threads aren't meant to be overly structured. As long as you're posting goals or progress on goals or friendly commentary on what others are doing or planning to do, there's really no right or wrong way to contribute.
#12 Nov 08 2010 at 11:39 AM Rating: Good
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Well, self-repairing has become kinda important to me, so I have actually been taking time to get all my craft jobs up to rank 10 at least. The way this game is, it has made me want to rank up all the craft jobs to have all the gear I will need and be able to fix most of it.

It's my b-day weekend so I did not get to much done... spent most of my time doing the companion quest, just to find out they do nothing useful... yet, if at all...
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#13 Nov 08 2010 at 6:24 PM Rating: Good
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I told my ls that I wanted to hit 34 fisher this weekend...

Friday I got my carpenter to 16 and fixed my bamboo fish rod. Then I went to explore a grade 5 water and stayed there fishing with my Rattan fish rod until I went to sleep.

Saturday I logged in at the grade 5 water and started fishing, finding myself with yellow sp. After a bit a Mad Angler, that someone must have spawned because it wasn't there the night before, decided to eat me for breakfast and I decided to go back to LL to do some craft leves. I also grabbed 2 rank 30 fish leves and those were just enough to take me to 33 fisher. Then I started making leather, tons of it, I thought to make space on my retainer and in the process of taking my leatherworker from 12 to 15 I made so much leather that I didn't know what to do with it anymore and found you can turn it into vamps and just dump it for over 10k/stack, getting decent sp in the process.

I stopped at 15 leather sunday evening and then grabbed weaver leves in LL and Ul'dah and took weaver to 20 and started the rank 20 weaver quest. I then did the rank 30 fish leves again and went for bed.

Oh I also picked up a Onion Doublet on the way, I'm not sure what it's for, I stuck it on my retainer.
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