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#1 Nov 08 2010 at 1:42 PM Rating: Decent
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I was playing Xiv this weekend and notice that the population was dropping off.
I have also noticed that I have been playing less and less myself. I think that this is due all the problems we already know exist and just becoming a chore to play.From all the threads I have read i am not the only one.

I think what makes me most upset is that we have to wait for patches or fixes whatever you want to call them..

So what if SE was to add one thing a week that they said they were going to add so it will keep the population up and attract new players. Even if it is something small. I really care about this game but it seems there are less new players every week and populations are dropping.

Example: How about they add the less anima requirement so it make traveling a little less boring and not such a time sink one week i know that cant be hard to do,next week maybe add some more crafting recipes or a weapon if they can't find something small to add.Even if they are not ready to add big fixes this would let the players know Se is working on fixing the patches and tell the loyal fans not just the shareholders SE that they are working on the problems.They don't have to wait for huge patches for small problems. I know that I waited 6months to play this game and trying to hold off while SE fixes the game but getting really tempted cancel my accont and buy starcraft 2 or cod blackops to hold me over to swtor,gw2,tera,or rift comes out.

I think these little things will improve the gameplay and not make it such a chore to play all the time. Just a opinion i know ill get crucfied on this but at least its one way to earn or even retain some players so we all don't have to start learning Japanese lanquage.
#2 Nov 08 2010 at 1:47 PM Rating: Good
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Without being distracted by too much of your post, I think your main idea is a good one.

SE adding little new bits of content each week would go a long way towards assuaging some of the crazy feelings I have each time I encounter a bug or issue.

I've always thought that every time SE does a patch and resets the servers, that you should get lots of cool bonuses as recompense. Wouldn't be that hard. People would be begging SE to take the servers down :D
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#3 Nov 08 2010 at 4:13 PM Rating: Default
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I agree that it would be fun to do it this way, but from a developer standpoint (I do it for a living)...It would be a tremendous amount of work to test each of the new functions individually. I'd rather have a well tested group of fixes instead of a bunch of individual fixes that are buggy.
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