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Fixed performance woes on M17x AlienwareFollow

#1 Nov 09 2010 at 8:15 AM Rating: Good
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Ok as some have read before since the newest rounds of drivers coming out i've been having trouble with heat on my Alienware system. This wasn't an issue before but it got worse for what ever reason.

So I did some work and just wanted to post what my fixes were for other players on laptop systems. Was thinking of putting it into the PC building thread, but the post isn't a build post its maintenance and general help to get more from your rig and the game.

So the premise the new drivers had made some changes in how the graphic engine and GPU's work together to present the game. I am not overly technical and doing my best. So after un-installing the old drivers and updating to the newest ones, my system started to stay in the 95-110 degree range (which I know is horrible, and could do perma dmg), not good!

So I made it my personal mission to see if I can find a fix/work around which I did. I went out and did some shopping of things I knew always made my desktop rigs work better. I bought high quality thermal paste, a cooling pad with a low noise large fan, and a dust/residue cleaning kit.

I spent about 2.5 hours cleaning all the original thermal paste which from the hig temps did dry out and crust onto the cpu and gpu's, cleaned every heat sink, and put everything together again.

With out initializing the cooling tray I did get a very noticeable and significant drop in over all operating temps. with just the stock cooling Temps dropped to a stable 75 degree on the each respective GPU with odd variances here and there. On the CPU I got the temps down to 64-68 degree with variances between cores within that temp range.

Once I got the cooling pad properly set up and running there was a further drop in the temps by another substantial amount(my fiancée was amazed actually, she didn't think this would make that much difference). GPU temps dropped to 57 and 58 degrees on both GPU's and the cpu temps fell further to 51-53 degree range between the four cores.

The temps stayed very stable for a four hours straight including a 2.5 hour grind session with 10 people in the party in the north room in cass hallows. The game didn't hang or go into some sort of weird stutter mode, I managed to up the graphics and also re OC my CPU and GPU's respectively.

I am running an M17X alienware with dual nvidia 260M's with 4GB memory, and the Q9000 quad core processor. Side note frame rates are up as well and the game is performing very well. In low population areas I get a stable 50-55fps with 1280-760 resolution, maximum/highest quality textures, full resolution buffer, but no depth of field or the occlusion feature. In high pop areas fps never dip below 30 fps anymore :).

The primary processor is OC'D to 2.4 ghz/core and the GPU's are OC'd to about 30% higher then stock performance. I can add the actual numbers when I get home from work.

I just wanted to share this with our laptop players in case they've been having performance woes, this is the fix I used and it made a dramatic difference. happy gaming all :) till next post ^^

I do apologize for the long post, but I broke paragraphs apart as best I could :)

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