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For people that think FFXI release was better that FFXIVFollow

#1 Nov 09 2010 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
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I wanna show you this web site from the origanal JP release, theres alot of things that are simalar to xiv and some things that were worse.

I have posted this site in a few threads now but keep seeing the same argument trying to compare a 18 year old game to one that has been out a lil over 1 month.

And before anyone says about differant expectations in JP EU and NA i know all that but everyone no matter where you are from want things to work straight away, the only differance is how much people from differany cultures tolerate problems, its quite an interesting insight into what we didnt see in the actual release of XI.

What i would personaly say is this release is better than xi mainly because we got to play for the whole first month.

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Can you please just post this in the other comparison thread?
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Also this has been posted before and it is an outdated comparison to modern games and standards. FFXIV is a new MMO coming into a very difficult market trying to compete with longer running and already established games. It is not longer a relevant benchmark.
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Yes. I still have hope for FFXIV as well, since FFXI had so many issues NA where not subjected too due to our late entry into that game...

I prefer this FFXI history, it is a little more specific with patch notes, dates, etc. Best to look at both though:
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In terms of technology, I'd be fired on the spot if I released software of the same quality and performance that we happily released eight years ago.
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Please do not turn posts in current threads into their own threads about the exact same subject. You've already posted this in the XI-XIV thread, please leave it at that.
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