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#1 Nov 10 2010 at 5:09 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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Just recently i have noticed a rather troubling thing and that is the pure racism english speakers are getting from alot of Asian players.

Recently me and a friend went to party when i spoke i got {English} {No, thanks}

After speaking again to the guy his response was that the party was full, now there was only around 6 people there and my LS friend who is also Asian told me it was not, i was then ignored.

My LS friend had indeed left to join me but what is this?

Is anyone else having this? Or is Palamecia just a racist server? These people should be named and shamed!

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#2 Nov 11 2010 at 5:07 PM Rating: Decent
I'm assuming you never played ff11? The looking for party feature had a comment section, and in many japanese players' comments would be 'jp onry' Part of it is the language barrier, another part maybe be the fact that a lot of american 11 players were very childish and bad players, but I'm sure a fair share of them are flat out racist...

Can't really do anything about it, there is really no point in making a 'list'... it will just make the situation worse, if they don't want to party, they won't.
#3 Nov 16 2010 at 5:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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Yeah, FFXI was very bad for this but I'm sorry to read you have suffered some rejection for no real reason.

There were a few open-minded Japanese players on FFXI who would happily party with English-only speakers and even help to build parties, asking other Japanese players to join you.

But pathead makes a good point, if I recall rightly it all started when the FFXI worlds were opened to the U.S. market and the integration of players was less than friendly at first. A lot of that bad taste remained for many Japanese players through to the end and most of it arose simply from differing cultures.
Things that were considered rude in Japanese culture seem fairly harmless to us, for example the message when you "/check" a player: The Japanese description in the chat log was quite stern and almost rude (if I recall something akin to: XXX stares intently at you) whereas the English log was a comparatively harmless remark (XXX examines you).

I found it especially difficult as a British player, playing during the day GMT meant playing during Japanese peak times and seeing as I only speak English (and a little French) I was tarred with the same brush. It was very demoralising.

But there was a website (I wish I could recall the url) which held many Q+A sessions with the Japanese contingent on FFXI and asked many questions to them as a community that really opened my eyes.
Often Japanese players didn't want to party with English-only speakers due to the fact that communicating tactics and party roles was much more difficult to explain in both Japanese and English. Different words/phrases completely made direct translations difficult and as Japanese players liked to play game differently to American/European players it just compounded the problem.

What I'm saying is that there are some good eggs out there though and the rejection of English-only is not always as racist as it may seem.

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