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Enough with the free to play speculation already..Follow

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Guys seriously, This game will not ever be free to play with the exception of the one extra free month.

SE games do not fail, the quitters will quit the whiners will whine and the people who find it enjoyable will eventually get their voices out.

The facts are that 100% of the people whining and complaining are doing it baselessly. All the problems are slated to be fixed in the Nov and Dec updates. The lack of leves the inconsistancies with synthesis, additional content.

Just as in the beta when they replaced the battle system overnight and we saw that they had indeed had two battle systems on the design table the whole time, the same is for the Wards/AH. There is an AH in the works SE said already that they dont want to release it on launch because the RMT that we all see everywhere and sho even hacked my LSGM's account and got him banned by spamming would take over the economy from day one.

There are places in the major cities where there will be an AH that are closed off and have windows shuttered if you bothered playing at all you would have noticed this.

Anyways the Unnecessary posts about F2P are just causing more panic that isnt needed and your fear mongering makes me wonder if those people are not TROLLS that never even tried the game because they are too hooked on WOW gearscores to try anything else.. (Sorry for the sTab here in this one couldnt resist)

Cornyboob the one and only.

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Please use existing threads to discuss your guys' opinions on those particular subjects. We have two already going right on the front page here. If everyone posted their opinion as a new thread instead of continuing the discussion in existing ones, the forums would be unmanageable.

Locking thread.
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