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How Wada could completely gain retrust instantlyFollow

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Yeah. Everybody's got an answer, but 99% aren't real solutions.

SE doesn't seem to notice this either.
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gain retrust. what the **** language you speaking, boy.
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#5 Nov 10 2010 at 9:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'd have to go with:

1) Announce free play from now until one month after the PS3 release.
2) Open the Dev forums back up and go back to asking for player input again.
3) A_CTI_N H__SE (See if you can check the vowels ward)
4) A ******** more guildleves and an increase in the amount you can do, a significantly substantial benefit to partying, or both
5) Balanced group XP for everyone in the group.
6) Add a payment option where you can enter your credit card/bank card number DIRECTLY INTO THE GAME CLIENT to process your payment, instead of through a third party website, or by buying fake money in increments that don't line up with the monthly fee ($13/mo but you can only buy in increments of $5?)

That outta do it.

Seriously, the game has so much potential and it's being hampered by the fact that SE thinks their **** don't stink and they expect customers to pay to test an unfinished game that they obviously rushed to try to beat other games to market.

MMOs are a marathon, and FFXIV showed up half asleep and in their pajamas with promises that "We're looking into finding a pair of shoes and a cup of coffee" while the race is already on.

Mikhalia: and FWIW, my posts are 95% helpful, informative, or funny.
Mikhalia: only 5% or less of my posts are utter crap.
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Mikhalia: Sounds about right.
#6 Nov 10 2010 at 9:28 PM Rating: Decent
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Agree with Mikhalia's suggestions, except I'd add one thing that would go a long way... make the main game mechanics more complex and fun. There are so many weaknesses to combat, crafting and gathering from a gameplay perspective. They wouldn't have to totally revamp the system, but they really ought to do some serious work there.
Hyrist wrote:
Ok, now we're going to get slash fiction of Wint x Kachi somehere... rule 34 and all...

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Mikhalia the Picky wrote:

MMOs are a marathon, and FFXIV showed up half asleep and in their pajamas with promises that "We're looking into finding a pair of shoes and a cup of coffee" while the race is already on.

*giggles* best metaphor I've seen of this!

Unfortunately though I dont agree with your suggestions. Being free-to-play would mean they wont be able to fund more staff, and the amount of leves and party bonuses are enough already and has nothing to do with our trust in the game or SE.

I honestly believe that they only way for trust to be restored is just for them to continue improving the game as they have hinted they will, and for customer support to actually support the customer. It will take time but once its at Mikhalia'a metaphor of a finishing line we will congratulate it and take it for dinner.

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#8 Nov 10 2010 at 9:48 PM Rating: Decent
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Free play until March ??? Laughable and highly unrealistic !!!
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