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#1 Nov 11 2010 at 7:09 AM Rating: Decent
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Would like some feedback on what people do when they have more than 1 crafter class on there Toon ,do you keep re-speccing your Attribute points every time you change crafter ? or do you just have a even set up say 30 points on each stat.
I play a Conj & Thm but my main crafting is a weaver and apparently I need Dex so do I add dex to my class set up or re-spec? all so I have a Goldsmith & Alchy all theses need different stats in main hand and off hand,to me this seems that every time I want to craft I have to keep re-speccing every 10 mins and I only have 3 crafters lol.

#2 Nov 11 2010 at 7:23 AM Rating: Good
I don't know how effective it really is but try getting enough guild tokens as Conjurer to buy the MND to DEX conversion trait. It converts 5 Mind into 5 Dexterity. Other than that all I can tell you is pump some points into DEX, not alot but some. Due to stat caps with your ranks there isn't alot of reason to dump all your points into just one or two stats, try to be diverse with it. Try viewing as what classes you'll play most and build around those. Now since you mentioned CON and THM I'd suggest focusing on mostly INT and MND, a good piece into VIT for obvious reasons, a fair amount into PIE for spell resistances, and then lastly DEX. If you think you'll be going on a crafting spree for awhile, write down your current stat values and do a respec. Take the points you get and just dump them into DEX and MND as those are the two stats Weaver depends on. When you're done, respec again and change your stats back to how you had them.

For more info on stats and such SE did write up an article:

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't fully read the piece, I don't actually use the redistribute option much myself unless I'm doing alot of tweaking. Reading back over SE's article they mention the stats have minimal effect on your skills as a crafter but do have some influence. But I still suggest going primarily with whatever classes you use most then allocate some points into other areas for classes used but not as often as the others. Piety from my experience doesn't seem to have that great of an influence on much right now as Conjurer but at the same time we sadly can't do much nuking with our spells until the issues with resistances and SP is fixed. MP-wise it's just not efficient.

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It's not a toon!! = P

Eh, I know some people jacking their stats up to suit their main craft class and maybe switching sometimes, but I don't bother with it and my crafting is fine. I have a really balanced attribute setup so i can switch classes often and not worry. I could see toying with my stats more in the future...I don't see it as a serious issue though. I have great stats for all my low classes, and it doesn't seem to hurt my weaving by not having everything pumped into DEX & MND.

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Besides my abnormally high vit all of my stat are pretty even. Elementals are about the same except for what I am currently in the hunt for.
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My physical level is high enough that I'm pretty sure I can keep 3 stats near my rank based soft cap, so I do an even split between Str, Dex, and Con, which works great for me since my combat class is Pug and those are the main hand attributes for my 3 crafts.
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