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This is Sparta!!! (Subligar Party) [Event]Follow

#1 Nov 12 2010 at 2:40 PM Rating: Good
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Just wanted to invite people to a special event being held next weekend.

"This is Sparta" (Subligar Party)

Fun/Subligar/Panty Raids/Cash Prizes

The weekend before the holidays [Nirvana] will be holding a Subligar Party.

Sunday Nov. 21, 2010 @ 3:30PM EST
- Open to the Public Version

The event will be a hide & seek / collect an item(s) while only wearing your subligar (and any jewerly, belt, and/or hand gear) only. You will be a given a special linkshell the day of the event in Ul'dah which will be used to gather information about what items need to be acquired and where you might find the 3 the hidden spartans to give items too.

The linkshell will be destroyed once the event is over.

Rank Requirement:
Any rank can participate.

Item Types:
The items will not be equipment but simple daily harvest-able items.
(example: 3 copper ore, 3 earth shards, 1 crow feather)

Cash (Gil) Prize:
1st Place:
(Finding all 3 hidden spartans first) - 250,000 Gil
2nd Place:
(Finding 2 spartans first) - 100,000 Gil
3rd Place:
(Finding 1 spartan first) - 50,000 Gil

Note: Yes you can be 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winner.

Requirements for Winning:
When you see a designated "Hidden Spartan" you must in /say "THIS IS SPARTA!!! >> [person's name]" at that time the spartan will respond back in /shout "HUZZAH!!!" Once this is done you must trade your items to the spartan he/she will confirm the items are correct and declare you a winner or loser. Rinse/Repeat for each additional Hidden Spartan.

Tabs will be kept within the LS who has found who.

During the course of the event an "Enigma Spartan" will pop up which will be randomly told during the event. This spartan will be a "fully-clothed subligar wearing warrior (maybe)". Finding them nets you an additional 50k.

Note: Enigma's aren't part of the 3 main spartans.

Only official Spartans will choose who an enigma is.

How to Get Disqualified from Event:
- Taking off/removing linkshell during event.
- Wearing anything more than subligar, hand gear, belt, jewelry.
- Being a douche in linkshell chat to participants.
- Sharing location information of a spartan in linkshell chat.
- Spamming.

If your interested in helping with this event you can PM me here.
If you want to participate you can contact Sodux Isevil on (Nov. 17, 2010).
When the LS goes live to accept people.

- This is event is Wutai residents only.

Purpose of Event:
Fun - Memories - Meet Some People - Subligar!

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#2 Nov 15 2010 at 12:59 PM Rating: Good
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Additional Info (F.A.Qs, etc.)
During the course of the event the linkshell will be informed with a leader board of people who've found who.

Third Place is basically determined by the first person who finds the "first sparta first."
Second Place is the same as third place but just add an additional sparta.

So once Third Placed is crowned, we'll be looking for a 2nd Place and after 1st Place winner.

- For the event not to be canceled looking for: 20+ sign/show ups.
- You can now talk with Panama Reds, and Jack Daniels on this Wednesday and so forth until event day for an invite to event shell.
- Once the event starts no more events will be given to the shell.
- The linkshell name for the event is called "Team Gurren".

Q: 1) Where is the party being held?
A: The party will be held in Ul'dah (but you can get an invite early to event shell).

Q: 2) What do I need to participate?
A: All you need is an invite to the event shell and a pair of subligar.

Q: 3) I haven't been able to find any subligar what should I do?
A: Subligar is very easy to make at low-levels mainly the sheepskin version.
If your having issues acquiring one you can talk to Sodux Isevil to obtain one.

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