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#52 Nov 17 2010 at 3:47 AM Rating: Good
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I never had unrealistic expectations. What I do find annoying is these "complaints" 1 SE not listening 2. game was out to early.
1 SE has been listening or we would get all this free game play.
2 The game was NOT released too early. It was released on time.
As for unfinished, mmo are never finished and always evolve.
as for not polished again mmo are polished over time.

Also again. SE WAS FOCUSED ON THE BUGS CAUSING THE SERVER STABILITY ISSUES. that was their focus. They released the game and now working on the other stuff they shoulda/ coulda worked on if the game wasn't buggy in beta. Or do you guys not recall that a few beta test sessions were canceled. In reality SE never admisted the game was unfinished, just saying they new it was in bad shape. It will/ does take time to test updates/ patches. But having unrealistic expectation was more the games bad launch then the actuall game itself. Coming from ffxivcore.. the game was too hyped, and players went in as veteran. Let ffxiv be a new game.
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