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#1 Nov 16 2010 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
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I would like to know what im getting into so im looking for some feedback from all you FFXI players converted to FFxiv. What are the pros and cons compared to the old game ? As far as playability , fun and content as well as any advice you can have for a player about to join the community. Any problems occured ? What did you most have a hard time with when you started this game ?

Thanks for responding :)
#2 Nov 16 2010 at 1:39 PM Rating: Good
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pros: better crafting system, way cooler job system, a lot of things you can do solo, better item stacking, ability to listen to more than 1 linkshell at a time

cons: less content (side quests, missions) other than guild-leves

My advice is to join a couple of linkshells right off the bat.
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#3 Nov 16 2010 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
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It's fun man, as of now it's pretty much like xi was when it first came out, pre Zilart. Its has some quests, few missions, lvl 50 cap. I spend most of the lvling and crafting so I'll be tight once thing get smoothed over and when a expansion comes out. Sub class system is awesome, you can takeall your abilities over to new class, so like if you want to a pld. Lvl a Mage class to 4 for cure, then say pug for taunt(provoke), mad for defended, then your lvl 1 GLD will have cure, taunt, defended at the start.

Ffxiv is a hog, you will need a strong machine to handle it, most of the bad mouthing the game come from users with WoW computers. 8 years old computer is not going to cut it, for me I have m17x laptop and it runs fine, no lag at all, and I'm connected to a dsl. So.. To major updaters are about to hit, will fix some issues, mostly pc mouse/ keyboard interface, I use a controller, everything is nice to me. It remaids alot of ffxi,and alot of new stuff also, but no dyn, sea, sky, etc yet. I'm sure it's coming soon. The game is brand spanking new, it does lack contact, so did ffxi at first, and how massive ffxi now?

All for all, if you are looking for some endgame action, ffvi is the place to be. But if you feel lvling out a char and getting him tight as **** in whatever SE has in store for us in the future, then ffxiv is the place to be! Stunning graphics, motion capture animation, real time physics, massive pool of cross class abilities, its going to be as hawt as ffxi, just needs a bit time thou.

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Add to the above that you're getting in early enough that you're not too far behind, but late enough that people have started the pave the way (recipes, leveling locations, etc). You can also bank on some hand-me-down gear for cheap! ;)
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