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New Features and User Interface Improvements (11/17/2010)Follow

#52 Nov 18 2010 at 3:58 AM Rating: Default
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Scape13 wrote:
Wint wrote:
OMFG thank you for the Ctrl+R!

It has worked for me since the games release. I use it every day to cycle through all the people I am PMing with.

k snowflake, explain why SE just announced they are adding that feature this month. hint: someone is mistaken and it isnt SE. not about this anyway.
#53 Nov 18 2010 at 4:11 AM Rating: Good
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Ctrl+R does work in game right now, it just doesn't work quite right. In order to use it you have to send a tell to that person first. So if someone sends you a tell, you can't just hit Ctrl+R to respond, you have to type out /t <name> first. After that you can use it. I'm guessing that what they are doing is fixing it so that you won't need to type out the persons name in a tell first before using it to respond.

Edit: You also have to press spacebar to open your chat log before using Ctrl+R to respond. Just using it without opening the chat log doesn't work.

Edited, Nov 18th 2010 2:27am by Lantesh
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