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Tell me what is CON... again?Follow

#1 Nov 22 2010 at 1:47 AM Rating: Excellent
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A couple weeks ago, I was lamenting the fact that CON got it hard with the horrible SP gain since the DoW in the party always out-gain my SP gain, and slowly, I found myself to be 2 levels behind.

Then my static party broke up; one quit to COD-Black-ops saying will return if party is more fun with more stories, and the other quit saying if SE doesn't change the key smashing combat by December, he would delete the character.

Anyway, as I was getting discouraged, some other friends told me that DoM has the best SP gain, it is not fair, and he went on to show me how.

So, as r27 CON, I joined my friends party who are all in the r34+. We fought Grass Raptors at around camp glory. I asked, well, my level is obviously too low, what can I possibly do?

The answer I got was, "frontal AOE, stay out of the way, and cure." And that was what I did.

I averaged 350-500 SP gain every fight.

However, I was not very happy. Although I was excited at the first, I quickly realized that things are broken.

First of all, the party positioning is actually geared to mostly damnage taken. Everybody who can take the Mob's AOE will stand in front of it so that when mage cure, they have tons of SP to cure.

Secondly, there is nothing I do other than curing. Well, I just need to make sure I don't get into the front of the mob, or directly to the back to avoid tail slashing, otherwise I am perfectly OK.

So, why did I choose CON to be a curing bot? there have been a few times, I took my wireless controller to the bathroom just smashing the cure macro without even looking.

The strategy of the combat right now is, gladiator do whatever they can to keep hate, DD smashes 1 until WS to the end, and whoever can stand the mob's AOE will get into AOE so DoM can spam cure.

In my imagination, CON is supposedly a WHM and BLM combo (sorry for the ffxi reference, i know it's different game...) I am ok with the cure, but I thought WHM's job is not only cure, but to a huge extend, being able to allievate status quickly and properly.

right now, THM and CON are just curing bots; whatever other status spells are seemingly useless. is this what DoM or CON more specifically is about?

I don't know, I don't want to be the person who whines when SP gain is horrible, and then whine when SP gain is great.

But, to me, the fun in party combat is gone, no strategy (well, nobody really tried the regimine thingy anymore, so I don't know) no timing, no positioning, no checking status and alleviating it, no link control (nobody cares now, if you die, just walk back)

is it me or something is actually lost in the party combat fun?

-of all the things i have lost, i miss my mind the most...

#2 Nov 22 2010 at 2:03 AM Rating: Good
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Right: At the moment, there is virtually no strategy in EXP parties.
Especially since battle regimens and break skills are not used.

Right: The current EXP system is a lunatic's wet dream. However, this
will *likely* be adressed in the upcoming patch. Likely, because the
patch notes in both English and Japanese are a little cryptic.

Right: The increase of battle speed since closed beta might have overthrown
a lot of the concept SE originally had for "strategic" battles. It's simply
not viable to save TP for a regimen when each player can use a weaponskill
every 5-10 seconds. Or spam 1-1-1 every second second ^.^/

Wrong: Neither THM nor CON are curebots, unless they are the only of
their kind in a PT. If there's more than 1 (or 2) of them, nuking and
debuffing will net some fine EXP. If you are the only mage, people will
naturally rely on you to keep them alive.
#3 Nov 22 2010 at 2:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Yup, pretty much echos what everyone else has been saying for a month:

SP gain is random (this will be fixed in the next update)
Death is a non-issue
Combat is boring
Classes lack a sense of identity
#4 Nov 22 2010 at 3:01 AM Rating: Default
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thats why i like doing 2-3 in a party,.. if i want to rank up asap for next rank to get r40 leves, ill try to find a sp party that non-stop killing black elf, man is so boring, just so plain. 5 hour non-stop, man it make me scare of doing sp party.

with 2-3 in the party is much more fun, even if is 3 conj in the party, everyone can play diff party.

yeh got most of mine sp frm leves with 2-3 in the party , most only 2 of us.


#5 Nov 22 2010 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
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i quit playing con cause i wanted to play a blm like class not a whm. i refuse to cure so in turn i either solo or get 0 sp. went to dow now till they fix the casters
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#6 Nov 22 2010 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
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valeforheya1984 wrote:
i quit playing con cause i wanted to play a blm like class not a whm. i refuse to cure so in turn i either solo or get 0 sp. went to dow now till they fix the casters

I'm pretty sure the -vast- majority of MMO players will tell you, "If you can cure, you are a healer."

SMN/RDM/SCH(But somehow not BLU) of FFXI, Druid/Shaman of WoW, and now CON/THM of FFXIV. You can either deal with the fact that you will be forced to cure sometimes and nuke others, or wait until Mystic/Archanist/Bard are released and see how those jobs turn out.
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