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Oh, well, Lancer (Feint) got nerfed :(
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LoL the tools for nerfed as well. Some of the R42 ones :( My wrapped iron raising hammer NUOOOO...
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Hmmm... someone just had to start with negativity. *sigh* Fixing...

YAY! Iron Round Knife fixed!!!!! I get to replace Brass Head Knife and be so much MORE awesome!!

Holy-frelling ***** I love this game!! Thank you SE for making such a wide variety of fixes in such a short time!


Alright, I'm done. Not really much of a cheerleader, but it looks like there is goodness to be had by everyone. Even if SOME people will do whatever it takes to find SOMETHING to complain about regardless.

Ailys Foxglove

#5 Nov 25 2010 at 3:49 PM Rating: Excellent
Guild marks can now be earned from lower-level local levequests.
This is good but will mean more mark rewards spread out over more classes for a lot of people.

Experience and skill point bonuses are now awarded by behests.
Very nice. Was hoping for a reward adjustment but that'll come later I guess.

The amount of skill points required to attain ranks 11 through 31 has been reduced.
Wasn't expecting it to go to 30!

The attack range of conjurers and thaumaturges has been adjusted.

The rank range that allows for bonus skill and experience point within a party has been expanded from ±5 to +5/-10.
Ex. In a party of three players, ranks 10, 15, and 20, the rank 10 player receives bonuses equivalent to that of a two-person party, as only one of the other players is within the rank range. From the perspectives of the rank 15 and 20 players, however, both of the other two party members fall within the rank range. They will therefore both receive bonuses equivalent to a three-person party.
Partying just got a boost, nice!

Punishing Barbs
Effect duration reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds.
Stamina cost reduced from 6 to 3.
Damage dealt by spikes cannot exceed player's current HP.
Affinity value for other classes adjusted.

Saw a nerf on this coming since closed beta.

Facing a target to attack is now automated when an action is selected.
This will make things a lot easier I think.

Enemy populations in all areas have been increased and reorganized.
Before and after looking good!

High quality +1 and +2 materials can no longer be obtained through combat. The frequency of drops will remain the same, though all items will now be either normal quality or high quality +3.
WOAH! Inventory space ftw!!

Stack capacity for the following items has been increased from 99 to 999:
Bronze Arrow, Iron Arrow, Silver Arrow, Fang Arrow, Shell Arrow, White Coral Arrow, Obsidian Arrow, Warped Arrow, Flint Arrow, Blue Coral Arrow, Red Coral Arrow, Bronze Swallowtail Arrow, Iron Swallowtail Arrow.
Congrats Archers

Rotting Corpses, Fallen Soldiers, Fallen Pikemen, Fallen Captains, Fallen Mages, Fallen Wizards, Skeleton Soldiers, Wight Warriors, Wendigo
Guess I'll start editing the DB now, then.

The number of crystals required for nearly all existing recipes has been reduced by 20%.
I'll take it.

Hints are now provided in the log during the targeting phase.
Awesome update for gatherer classes.

Reponse time of the user interface (UI) has been improved.
Very excited to see how this pans out...

A Vertical Camera Position option has been added.
Does this mean we'll be able to let our camera angle go further up?

New commands that can now be mapped to the keyboard are listed below.
・Target Nearest PC
・Target Nearest NPC
・Open Gear window
Open Inventory
・Open Loot window

Retainers can now be made to "model" their wares by equipping items in their bazaars.
I like this.

If a player with no target is targeted by an attack or spell, that player now automatically targets the attacker or caster.
This was great in XI and glad it's here now.

The door to the Adventurers' Guild in Ul'dah is now always open.
Now how about the Weavers' Guild?

These are some very nice changes! I tried to just highlight the ones that weren't previously announced (mostly).
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When do they add the search funcion for marked wards? December?

Great patch, nice work SE!
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