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#1 Nov 25 2010 at 8:04 PM Rating: Good
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You know, it's just occurred to me through all of this update information I haven't seen anything mentioned by SE or by players about the fate of Guardian's Aspect. It might very well have been made useless with the SP changes. Guardian's Aspect is supposed to "increase the chance of skill point gains", but now that SP is granted in specific amounts based on the target and no longer "earned" from actions GA doesn't (seem to) do anything.

Or maybe Guardian's Aspect now gives you bonus SP and the tooltip for it hasn't been updated yet? I suppose it can be tested over several leve resets after we discover exactly what variables can influence the amount of SP you get per target during leves.

I know that sooner or later Guardian's Aspect will be getting different effects, apparently being based on your character's guardian deity, but I just thought it slightly funny that the current and only effect might be broken now.
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For fieldcraft, where you had 100% chance of getting SP, it simply rewarded 1.5x SP prepatch.
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