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#1 Nov 26 2010 at 4:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Maybe it's just me but i've heard a lot of people talking about how boring party play was before the update. Now people are talking about how parties will be played how they are suppose to be played. So now instead of spamming taunt and concussive blow 2 as often as possible while constantly hitting heavy strike i'll do what differently?

Well i suppose now i don't have to taunt in a party ever since there is no benefit to holding agro on a mob. Also i probably shouldn't use concussive blow 2 anymore either because honestly it only does about 50 more damage than heave strike does in that amount of time.

So now as a pug if i'm trying to kill something as fast as possible i should only use heavy strike and maybe aura pulse if another mob is near to prep it for me going after it also.

I guess i really just need someone to explain to me how a party is suppose to work. As far as i can tell healers are suppose to buff when needed and keep me heal. Damage dealers should deal damage. tanks should hold agro and take damage. and secondary tanks should pull the heat off of main tank when they can.

Just because of the update you aren't going to be using all your skills all the time in some new dynamic way that makes more sense. Just like before the patch you'll be using the three or four most efficient moves over and over again. if your healers you'll buff and heal and maybe cast some damage spells from time to time and everyone else is going to keep doing attacks.

I really must have no understanding of what everyone keeps talking about with the battle system now being what it should be and that it will now be used properly and it will promote better more efficient parties.

Please i hope you all discuss this cause i would really like some better understanding overall and good arguments and explanations presented.

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SP gain was inconsistent among party members. Some got more than others.
#3 Nov 26 2010 at 4:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Imaboomer wrote:
SP gain was inconsistent among party members. Some got more than others.

I thought that was the point. Some people earn more than others. Conjurers get the most most of the time. Then DD's. Then tanks. Sp earned is Sp received. getting low sp from time to time seems better than getting low sp all the time. but really sp isn't the main point of the post. really i want to understand what people are talking about with the improved battle system based on sp gain. you gain more consistent sp so you should try and kill mobs quicker and to kill mobs quicker you apparently should do something different than you were doing before. I don't understand what the significant differences should be or are. or how many seconds quicker or slower you would be killing the mob doing it differently.

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This is where Parsers are effective, while normally they end up forcing the community towards certain builds... In this situation it would show you that SP is actually faster on average. It's like was mentioned in other threads, PTs in XI fighting IT mobs for the big numbers usually ended up with less XP than PTs fighting weaker mobs.

Instead of beat on something for a long time, now you can beat on lots of things in that same time and end up with the same or more SP.
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