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Lag issue, not my endFollow

#1 Nov 26 2010 at 1:53 PM Rating: Default
I don't see any addressing this issue. Since update I have MAJOR lag. To the point of I can't even play. I was on maxxed out settings before update. Since update I have turned them all the way down and still have major lag and the game looks worse than FFXI. I don't understand. I log onto DDO and it runs fine. I have switched routers. Everything on my end is fine. Brand new 2.1GHZ Triple Core Proc.; Radeon 5250 card. Maxxed out before update = 0 lag.. After update graphics on as low as they can go and can't even hardly move on screen??? I played FFXI for 6yrs. I was really getting into this as well. But if I can't even play with crappy graphics... making me lean towards cancelling before my free trial runs out. Sadly. ; ;

Admin Edit: Please use the thread you created earlier today for this same issue rather than making a new one. Good luck with your issue!

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Since no one else is having this issue.. odds are that it IS on your end...

What it is exactly.. who knows? Besides the update, what else has changed? have you tried a system restore? Have you run any benchmarks? Is there something physically wrong with your hardware? Is there something wrong with your ISP?

The issues are realistically limitless....
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