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Questions: Regarding Lalafells. (Basic simple questions)Follow

#1 Nov 28 2010 at 12:56 AM Rating: Good
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Ok, hope I did offend anyone out there since 60%++ seems to be lalafells out there

1) Can Lalafells do a 2 hand stand and chin-ups?

2) Can Lalafells do cartwheels?

3) Is it true that most of you guys are crafters because you can use the crafting equipment, like, anvil and tables as a stand so you guys can get a better view?

4) Whats the H&BMI (Head & Body Mass Index) for a healthy Lalafell?

5) Do you guys like being carried suddenly because some young hyur or elezen thought you guys are cute little creatures that dress up?

6) Regarding Lalafell childhood might be offensive: When you guys are kids, when playing dress up dolls with children from other races, do you guys end up being the doll?

My apologies if I offended someone. But I just want to know.

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#2 Nov 28 2010 at 1:01 AM Rating: Decent
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1) Of course

2) Easily.

3) We craft because since we look good in everything, we like to try different outfits out.

4) Somewhere around -40%. Blame wormholes.

5) Depends on who picks us up. Often no, though, and if saying no isn't enough there are always axes.

6) Of course Lalafell end up being the dolls, after all, they're the cutest, and anything you dress them up in looks adorable.

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