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#1 Nov 28 2010 at 10:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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I know there have been hundreds of these threads, and i would usually be the last one to make one, but alas i would like to get my views out there.

I had been looking forward to XIV since the day it was announced, i literally jumped out of my desk chair in joy when i first saw it, as i was a former XI player no longer with an account nor the time to restart on a game that was 8-9 however many years old. Ive played WoW on and off since release and had always missed the sense of community and immersion the XI had, so the idea of a new SE MMO was just want I wanted to hear.

I read everything i could find about it, played in the beta, bought a new PC and pre-ordered the CE the day it went up. And like a lot of the other beta testers i put off the quality of the game as it was "just beta", and that they were really holding back a lot of the features for the full release. I played for the first 3 weeks or so of release and somewhat enjoyed it, it was new, and while there were minor things that annoyed me i allowed myself to look past, but around pys lvl 20, 14con and several crafting classes lvled, i just wasnt into it. My main complaints are these.

1. Story - I really enjoyed the story but its how they told it that bothered me, from the parts of it i did to looking ahead via youtube or on here the way i like to be apart of it just wasnt going to happen. It seems you never actually have to fight anything to progress, it just happens in front of you and watch, i was never really able to feel like i was helping. It may have changed later down the ranks, but even in XI the rank 1-1 mission sent me into the horroto ruins to fight goblins which put up a fight in a dungeon like enviroment, rank10? in gridania i fought some lvl 5 bees... how menacing.

2. Incentive to Level - Im basing this nearly all off of being a Conjurer as it was the class i wanted to be my main(i wont even get into the having to level nearly eveything if you want to truely succeed, im not really a fan) as BLM was in XI. As you lvled up in XI you got stone, water, aero, fire, blizzard, thunder, stone II, water II, ect. all at incremental lvls, so after i hit 5, lvl 9 didnt seem so far away to get aero, then on to fire next. It was something to look forward to; XIV all of the base elemental attacks are gained at 1, at the second lvl not until the early 20's, where once again gotten all at once.

3. No reason to group - Pretty much self explanatory, people said grouping all the time was too much of a hassle, but in this game its not even worth it to group at all, at least in WoW you can solo quest and then go group and run a dungeon to have a balance of both.

4 No auto-attack - Spirit darting all day is just tons of fun! /end sarcasm

I could go on with my list, and i may add more later, this was not meant to be a troll thread if it comes off that way, im basically just really disapointed and i had so much hope for this game, it just failed to deliver for me. I still read these forums daily although i dont post much anymore, ill be back to test out patches and probably a full return if the PS3 release adds anything promising.

Heres to hoping XIV lives up one day to what i hoped it would surely become.
#2 Nov 28 2010 at 11:01 PM Rating: Good
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Nice list, here is what I think they were trying in response to your points:

1. The story needed to be accessibly for crafting and gathering classes too, so all fighting was omitted. A bit of a shame but they're treating those other disciplines as full fledged classes so that is something I can deal with. I think in the future we'll see some story elements which focus on fighting but not for a while.

2. Well, you do get new spells every two levels just not in the order you have expected them coming from XI. I leveled all the classes to ten and they all have a bunch of skills I can use across all classes now. I'm not sure what ya mean here.

3. Grouping isn't worth it at the moment, and you're absolutely right. Unfortunately while trying to balance it for the solo player they haven't offered enough incentive for grouping. I do hope they'll rectify this soon though.

4. I kinda like the fact there is no auto attack, as it is more true to the games than an auto attack ever was. The console versions of Final Fantasy usually have a few menu commands of which the first you have is "Attack" which I believe "Spirit Dart" "Light Swing" and so on to be incarnations of. It is just a faster paced implementation of the classic system.

I do hope you give the game another chance and try to see it from another perspective. If not, there are plenty more MMOS which may appeal to you more which are coming out in 2011 :)

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