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#1 Dec 01 2010 at 3:36 AM Rating: Good
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There have been generally complaints by new players as to a lack of lowbie equipment in the game. Currently a lot of the crafters are mid to high level and there is little, if no incentive to craft lower level equipment as they'd end up making a loss rather than profit. Also, there is little if no skill point gain for these crafters so skill-up is not viable either.

In FFXI, you could submit a required guild item for guild points every 24 hours, and crafters would craft the item, even if there was no skill point gain involved. My idea stems from there such that, crafters could do the same in FFXIV, but no specific item is required. Rather, they can submit already fully made equipment for guild marks. The guild marks received would scale according to the rank of the item submitted.

Here is where it gets better. The guild would then keep the item for sale to any player who wants to buy it. However, there is no gil transaction involved (as this would require the game to dictate a set price.) Rather, the player who wants to buy the equipment has to submit to the guild materials and shards required to make the item. Of course, certain items would required specific ingredients that need to be crafted first, e.g Bronze dagger required bronze dagger blade. Since the blade might be hard to procure, the player should submit the base materials for the blade instead i.e. tin and copper ore --> bronze nuggets --> bronze dagger blade. It would of course be SE's job to ensure the system is viable and still not make it impossible for players to obtain the materials in question.

Also, to ensure demand and supply, a reservation system could be used. Players who want an item made can submit the materials first, and the crafter would be able to access this "demand" list and decide whether or not to make the item. The bonus for crafters who make the item would perhaps be a 10% increase in the guild marks awarded. If there is no demand for the item, crafters can still submit any item anyway. Finally to ensure that the system is not abused for guild marks, a time limit can be set for the number of items that crafters can submit.

If SE could implement such a system, perhaps the game would turn out to be more friendly for players who do not wish to craft, and definitely make it easier for new players in the game to procure equipment. Also, its no AH but it serves as a easier way to purchase and sell equipment. Any thoughts?

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This would be a definite help in relation to mass-crafting. For instance, the other day I mass-crafted about 10-12 Sheepskin Harness (grey) for sp gains. Would be nice to be able to do something with them other than NPC vendor. If I tried to bazaar that many of the same item, I would likely only sell a couple.

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