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#1 Dec 01 2010 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
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I have had a feel for conj in a party over the last few day's and i was quite disappointed. i didn't feel as needed as a white mage or black/red mage would in ffxi parties would.

I realise this is not xi but i felt really part of somethin in parties as white mage like i had to be there. However there were least 3 con's in this party last night and i felt i could of just went on auto follow on tank and cast cure when needed.

Are there any jobs that don't quite feel like this? Could i easily switch class on same character? I wouldn't want to remove all my stats because i would still want to level my main at some points. What i'm really asking is. Is it possible to be Well balanced? And how?

sorry for bad punctuation i'm on my phone doing this. has mind of its own.

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I enjoy MAR. It allows me to be a DD, tank or if nothing else not die all the time. The job allows for solo and party play. Only downside is that damage output isn't great.
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I think the main problem was that there were 3 conjurers in your same party, and unless the leader or someone gave specific roles to each one (ex. okay 1 of you concentrate on damage, one of you cure, and the last figure out which needs more help damage ouput or healing party members.), then it might have been difficult to feel like you had a true defined role.

If you wanted to change class to a gladiator I think as people start to figure out/improve upon tanking as one, that they will always have that role of protecting party members and it will have the "feel" of more responsibility and importance.

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I have a pretty high physical level with reasonably balanced stats so I don't bother changing my stats much, if at all when I play PUG or GLA (both of which are only R11).

I don't know what it is like in party play but PUG is FRIGGING FUN. So is THM - as a THM I feel like the range of my skills is pretty varied and awesome - especially since SE made the Debuffs more useful. I did "to catch a thief" rank 20 leve at 21 a couple days ago and I had four highwaymen types and a ladybug I accidentally aggroed all wailing on me at the same time and I survived and kicked all their ***** thanks to Absorb defense, Absorb accuracy, and Absorb Attack along with the new and improved Sacrifice II.


Anyway if you want to switch it up AND keep CON as your main I suggest leveling THM - Siphon MP - need I say more? As a Con you will want these skills anyway. I started as a Con but I like THM way better.

Part of the key if you are in a party with other mages - regardless - I have to say is working with the other mages to have your own role. Before the only way to get SP that didn't suck **** was to heal. Now we can afford to actually differentiate ourselves. Yeah - keep a couple heal spells on the bar for if things get hairy - but pull spells like protect/shell etc from your bar if other people have them on, and replace them with debuffs. If there are three cons in a party 1 person should be main heal - 1 person should be debuff and another should be nuking.

Work together to find your role. Say if you want to nuke - ask another con to debuff with the appropriate elemental debuff. You will kill stuff faster by taking on roles - and thereby help your party get more SP.

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